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Java is an object-oriented programming language that allows developers to create flexible and reusable code, making the development process more efficient. Thanks to its core principle, ‘Write Once, Run Anywhere’ (‘WORA’), it’s also a platform-independent framework, meaning that the code written in Java can be run on various platforms. Java is one of the technologies used most often in the projects we work on for our clients.

Some examples are:


C# is a general-purpose programming language created by Microsoft that allows developers to build robust and secure applications that run in the .NET framework. It’s widely used for developing highly efficient and scalable website applications and Windows desktop apps.

An example of a C# project:


.NET is an open-source developer platform created by Microsoft to build web, mobile and desktop apps, cloud-native apps, games and IoT. It supports C#, F# and Visual Basic and can be combined with extensive class libraries and common APIs. With .NET developers can develop applications running on a wide range of platforms using a single code base.

The examples of our .NET projects are:


React is a JavaScript library created by Meta to build interactive user interfaces. React is valued for its reusable components, ease of maintenance and readability. It allows developers to reuse the code and work on a cross-platform basis.

Below are examples of projects where we employed React JS:


Angular is a JavaScript-based frontend framework for developing high-quality dynamic web apps that was created by Google. It is especially valued for its simple architecture that makes designing and developing easier.

Our portfolio with Angular-based projects include:


Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform for managing cloud services and resources provided by Microsoft. Our DevOps engineers have vast experience in maintaining Azure-based environments and optimising their costs to reach the full potential of the cloud.

Here’s an example of a project in which we used Azure services:

aws logo


Amazon AWS is a cloud computing platform that provides various cloud computing services. Among our Spyrosoft team of cloud specialists, we have AWS-certified DevOps administrators and engineers who are well-versed in implementing and maintaining applications hosted on Amazon AWS.

Get familiar with AWS-related case studies:


Kubernetes is a container orchestration platform that helps manage containerised applications in different deployment environments. It improves resource utilisation, shortens development cycles and reduces public cloud costs.


Apache Kafka is an open-source distributed event streaming platform. It allows developers to build applications that constantly produce and consume streams of data, so that high-volume of users can use them simultaneously without any perceptible performance lags.


Capability as a service 

Quickly extend your resources with our BOT technological partnership model 

Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) is a project delivery method that allows you to quickly solve your capacity issues by extending your resources with an outsourced team of experts, thus reducing your costs and getting your solution to the market faster.  

We have 1,500+ specialists who are ready to support you in your next project. With the Cyber Essentials certificate, we are a trusted technology partner to global clients.  

Check the BOT cooperation model

We’re close to our clients at every stage of the project

We follow the agile methodology in software engineering. The iterative development process streamlines collaboration and gives both sides flexibility, better control and responsiveness to change.



Product backlog

Our development process starts with creating a prioritised list of requirements for the project.


Sprint planning

Then, we define the scope of work and plan the iterations.


Daily scrum

Next, we determine the list of requirements for the next iteration.


Sprint backlog

We monitor the work progress at daily scrum meetings. The development is usually done in 1-4 week iterations.


Sprint review

We review and discuss the results with a client.



The new feature or version of the product is ready for implementation.

Product backlog
Sprint planning
Daily scrum
Sprint backlog
Sprint review


Depending on your needs, we’ll match you with a team of engineers and a project manager with outstanding technical knowledge


Enterprise Software Engineering

Our team of frontend and backend developers can help you build a complete solution and support you with mobile app and data architecture development.


Embedded Software Engineering

We help design and implement chip-to-cloud solutions, create communication solutions and build embedded applications for any type of device.


Cognitive Technologies

Our team of AI and Data Science specialists will support your in-house developers with their vast knowledge of machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, reinforcement learning, predictive and prescriptive analytics.


Maintenance and Support

We provide DevOps services and IT support, including 1st, 2nd and 3rd line support. We also maintain cloud infrastructure, networks, services and technology, as well as manage system backups, updates and patching.


Test Automation and Security

Our QA and cybersecurity experts will ensure that your software is developed to the highest security standards and that all functionalities are working correctly.


Mobile Software Engineering

We’ll support you in cross-platform app development. Our mobile developers have experience in Xamarin, React, iOS and Android development.


Business and Product Design

Whether you’re making your first steps in the Digital Transformation process or you’re at its forefront, we can help you design your product to serve user needs best. We can also help you design and apply the CX strategy on every level of your business.


Quality Standardisation and System Consulting

We make sure that your software meets regulatory and industry standard requirements, including ASPICE, ISO 26262 and CMMI for automotive systems, and MDR, FDA, IEC 62304 and ISO 14971 for medical software.


Digital Platforms

We’ll tailor the best-in-class platforms, like Sitecore, Umbraco, Liferay, or Magento, to match your business requirements and deliver an outstanding customer experience.

The support we’ve been getting from Spyrosoft plays a crucial role in evolving our product whilst helping to lower our local software development costs. The Spyrosoft team have complimented our existing team to ensure our new solutions are built on modern software architecture principles. This has allowed us to introduce additional product features and move at pace in delivering new solutions.

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