AWS Lambda
at Spyrosoft

At Spyrosoft, we regularly use AWS Lambda in the projects we develop for our clients. Lambda is one of the serverless service provided by AWS. It executes language codes in response to certain events triggered. AWS Lambda supports languages like JavaScript, Python, Java, Node.js, C# and many more. There is also possibility to use online code editor available in Lambda console. Lambda automatically runs the code, without requiring us to provision and manage the servers. Lambda itself manages the underlying compute resources, user does not require any server to run this code and manage it.

Benefits of using AWS Lambda

No servers

Automatic scaling

Fault tolerant

Cost effective

About Spyrosoft

Spyrosoft is a software engineering company, operating within the tech sector, established in 2016, in Wroclaw. In 2021 and 2022, we were among Europe’s fastest growing technology companies, according to the Financial Times. We offer a full range of software development services – from embedded to cloud solutions that are customised to fit the customers’ needs and expectations each time. Most of the completed projects combine the hardware level with embedded systems and high-level applications.