Today, data is one of the most valuable assets an organisation can have to leverage their advantage over competitors. Thanks to our partnerships, we can strengthen and develop our expertise in many different data areas in order to provide our customers with top technology solutions to achieve that goal.



We understand
end to end data lifecycle

integration and warehousing
Data integration and warehousing
We know how to take the first step into your business data strategy starting with the collation of data from many different sources and creating the best place to keep them inside organisation.
analytics and visualisation
Data analytics and visualisation
By understanding the data, we know how to translate them into business language by using advanced analytics and graphical methods such as dashboards and many others.

How we can help

Data integration and warehousing


Data integration

Do you have a lot of data from different sources? We will put them all in one place using the data lake concept. Once complete we will have a good understanding of how to combine, model and provide you with a unified view.


Data warehousing

Build a single source of current and historical data to boost your analytics and reporting. Our team creates a modern enterprise data warehouse or business data mart, both on-premise and in the cloud environment.


Data transformation

Let’s consolidate your data from multiple databases and different sources into a single place with data that will be fully prepared for further business analysis using for example ELT or ELT processes.


Data governance

Having a large amount of data creates governance challenges. We will ensure the quality of your data and provide you with security solutions. Keeping data of the highest quality is our top priority.

50 %

up to

of improvement of operational efficiency

10 x

up to

faster reporting, analysis or planning

90 %

up to

of improvement employee and customer satisfaction

How we can help

Data analytics and visualisation


Data analytics

We study, analyse, and create visualisations of your data to find useful information and conclusions. Meaningful insights might impact your business decisions every day. 


Interactive dashboards

Drill down and filter your business information using many interactive dashboards, so it can be viewed from a different perspective or in more detailed way.


Data mining

Extract useful information, patterns or trends from raw data. Correlations that are found in hidden data might be turned into actionable information for your organisation. 



Performance metrics

Determine the best performance metrics (KPIs) for your organisation. Analyse, monitor and evaluate them with automated reports or interactive dashboards.



We create simple ad-hoc data reports as well as more advanced automated solutions using modern business intelligence services and tools.


Process mining

Discover, monitor and optimise your business processes using advanced data analytics based on event log data available in your organisation.

How we do it


As a first step, we gather all your business needs and information to propose high-level solutions, concepts and advice on the best technology to use.


During this phase we develop and implement the selected solution with constant client cooperation.


Before solution go-live, we perform testing to find potential discrepancies and accept the customer’s final criteria.


After the solution is deployed into production, we document and share our knowledge to support the customer in the future.

Our partnerships



We turn problems into prospects

We provide our clients with excellent software and high-quality digital products. We’re also committed to building reliable and long-term partnerships. Our in-depth understanding of your business goals, combined with excellent technical expertise, make us a good fit to level up your business, regardless of its maturity.


Start making structured data-driven decisions across the company.
Head of Data and Business Intelligence

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