Reduce waste, improve quality management and boost performance with our end-to-end Industry 4.0 solutions


We bring together Industry 4.0 end‑to‑end solutions and software engineering

01 Specialist market knowledge

Thanks to working in close cooperation with our clients, we understand their needs and the challenges they face, which allows us to create solutions that tick all the boxes.

02 Superior technical expertise

Get access to the best-in-class AI, ML, cloud, hardware and embedded software specialists experienced in designing and building IoT hubs, digital twins, cloud connectivity, M2M communication modules and more.

03 Flexible and pragmatic approach

We work on projects in five phases, from building a concept, through design, integration, testing, to final release, implementing IEC 61508 throughout the whole development life cycle.

04 Cross-domain competence

You can rely on us in building complex solutions – from embedded systems, through connectivity and data analysis to enterprise software.


Have us build an end-to-end solution tailored to any industrial process

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Entrust our experienced engineers with creating machine control systems for monitoring the operating status of equipment or using fusion sensor processes to combine data from different sensors.

We’ll help you design and implement IoT Hubs; customise operating systems, secure them, update them with FOTA / OTAP, and then connect with sensors and the cloud. You can rely on us in creating Human-Machine Interface (HMI) systems and provide software for analysing and processing data from sensors.

Digital industrial solutions

Digital industrial solutions

Have us design and implement telematics-based systems for fleet management, tracking the location of devices, monitoring their status and working conditions, and organising service activities. Moreover, we’ll help you implement Product as a Service (PaaS) solutions that allow optimising the costs of the industrial equipment working time.

We can help you design and implement Machine to Machine solutions that enable data exchange between devices and their integration. Within the predictive maintenance area, we’ll support you in developing systems for predicting the operation of industrial equipment and its remote diagnostics, as well as for managing equipment and spare parts.

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Our engineers will create communication solutions for your industrial and automotive devices using available technologies – wired and wireless modules (2G-5G), WiFi and Bluetooth.

We see the big picture


We create embedded systems for smart devices, such as sensors and hardware platforms.


We design and build communication solutions between all the points in the IoT ecosystem.



We configure cloud-based platforms powered by AI and ML to analyse the data.


We bridge the gap between machines and users with user-friendly applications.

How we approach Functional Safety

Our software development life cycle is aligned with IEC 61508 – an international standard for safety-related electrical, electronic and programmable electronic systems. Also, at each stage, we implement appropriate safety and risk limitation measures, such as System FMEA, Software Criticality Analysis (SCA), HAZOP review and Code Analysis, FMEDA or Schematics review.

IIoT products and services

The industrial sector is on the brink of the largest transformation since the Industrial Revolution of the 19th century. With the EU’s goal of cutting greenhouse gas emissions down to zero by 2050, the sector’s decision makers need to move fast and make smart judgments in order to comply with changing Industry 4.0 regulations and achieve global sustainability goals.

Our unique IIoT device can be used in multiple ways and adapts to any conditions, including high humidity, dust or radiation. It also can help you reduce industrial waste by at least 30% and decrease downtime for your machines. Watch Andrzej Aksenczuk, CTO at Spyrosoft Solutions explain more in this short video.

Get an end-to-end IoT system that’s built with trailblazing technology

Edge computing

With edge computing boosted by real time on machine reaction and AI algorithms, you’ll maximize data processing speed as well as reduce latency and avoid possible bandwidth bottlenecks.


Thanks to sensor fusion, Kalman filtering, Madgwick filtering, or custom fusion algorithms, you’ll be able to collect and analyse data in nonspecific cases and all kinds of environments.


To allow better control, we use complex steering algorithms both on PLC/CNC and µC.


Your Human-Machine Interface system and software for analysing and processing data from sensors will be based on UX/UI best practices.


For seamless connectivity, we use a full spectrum of communication protocols from low level to high level connectivity wireless and wired communication.

Data handling

With efficient data gathering and analysis solution, you’ll get real-time, contextual insights for effective predictive maintenance.


There is no vision that we are not able to achieve

Lukasz Wojcik

If your project is related to embedded systems for industry or the Connectivity and Internet of Things, then you will be working with me. I have been active in the industry since 2002.

I started as a DevOps specialist in telecommunication projects, and after several years I became the head of the IT department in an international company. I still have the pleasure of working with many people I met at the beginning of my career.

I don’t like to postpone things, especially since you can’t afford to work on one topic for several years in today’s IT.

If I went to a desert island, I would take an object that would allow me to keep in touch with people.

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I believe in the potential of industry 4.0

Piotr Beling

I’m in charge of the industry 4.0 projects at Spyrosoft. This is a broad field in which dedicated solutions are often designed from scratch. It covers many areas, from industrial automation and intelligent manufacturing to IoT and digital solutions.

When working on such solutions, their lifecycle and development should always be taken into account in order to ensure long-term action. Hence the strong emphasis on the analysis of non-functional requirements, scalability, availability and performance of systems.

I believe that the results of each project reflect the quality of the team that worked on it. The most important thing for me is cooperation and building relationships.

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We’re ready to improve the industry

We implement a genuine end-to-end process – from chip to cloud, from cloud to user

We use our knowledge of AI and ML in the implementation of our solutions

We implement Safety Integrity Level (SIL) safety standards



Interested in collaborating with us? Get in touch.

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Lukasz Wojcik


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Piotr Beling


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