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The Netherlands

With the rise of medtech enterprises and the growing obligations of the healthcare industry, including the number of surgeries that are set to reach 14 million by 2030, there’s also an increasing demand for tools that would enable remote training of medical professionals. The Covid-19 pandemic has only accelerated this need and calls for flexible and swift measures. 

Crescent Med is a Dutch startup led by its Chief Experiment Officer, Samy Andary. One of the products they’ve been working on is the Crescent Vision Live headcam for image live streaming from hospitals in real-time. It can be used to transmit the video from surgeries to university lecture halls where students would be able to watch a surgeon perform the surgery as it happens.


  • Python
  • Angular

Medical knowledge at hand

The Crescent Med’s mission is to make surgical knowledge accessible and affordable to students regardless of their location and financial situation. This aim can be achieved thanks to the device, the software it operates on, and the web platform Spyrosoft was responsible for. The platform will allow the users to log in, choose the camera they want to follow and watch the stream. Although the Crescent Vision Live headcam is perfect for an educator teaching a group of students, it can also be used for 1:1 demonstrations or consultations with a surgeon discussing a particular case with other surgeons or medical professionals. 

Scope of work

The customer contacted us because they did not have enough developers on their team to work on the product on their own. They provided us with a general vision of how the platform might look like, as well as with the documentation for their code repository. We turned this vision into a list of requirements that we then used to develop the platform. 

The project started with a time and cost estimate for the platform – including the backend and the frontend to be delivered. We prepared two different iterations of the product, with the second one being designated as the product-ready version. We provided the Crescent Med team with two Spyrosoft developers who worked on the backend and the frontend of the platform.  

Results of collaboration

The final product is a core element of the headcam mentioned above and has two user modes: admin and viewer. In the former, additional functionality involves managing other users and the headcam itself (turning the light off and on, changing the angle of the camera, etc.) via the browser. Admin users can also send unique links to viewers and allow them to access the stream using a pin code.  

The platform itself was built in Python (for the backend) and Angular (for the frontend). The project started in April and ended in August 2021.  


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