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Andrzej Aksenczuk
“Spyrosoft brings together technology enthusiasts who value quality – the quality of software, as well as the quality of collaboration and relationships. Together, we drive our knowledge and experience through projects for well-known companies or during fascinating R&D initiatives. With the wide range of industries we serve and the various technologies we use, everyone finds a space they can grow in.”

Andrzej Aksenczuk

CTO at Spyrosoft Solutions


AI/ML Community of Practice and AI/ML Community of Interest

As proud AI/ML advocates, we have not one but two communities focused on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Both of these groups are centered around encouraging Spyrosofters to share what they know about these technologies. They also present real-life examples of the projects they’ve been working on, including AI Frameworks and quantum computing.

Cloud Community of Interest

Cloud is one of the core technologies we use at Spyrosoft, so it’s not surprising that we have a Community dedicated to it. Here’s where anyone – from Senior Cloud Engineers to Project Managers – interested in the latest cloud advancements can learn about AWS security basics, Kubernetes or the details of Azure DevOps. The community meets every month with presentations from our internal cloud team and guest speakers.

Scrum Community of Practice and Scrum Community of Interest

As it is with our AI/ML groups, we also have two communities for exchanging Scrum experiences, ideas and best practices. The participants meet every 3 – 4 weeks to discuss case studies and dig deeper into Agile methodology to find out how it could even more profoundly influence and transform how we work at Spyrosoft.

Agile Deployment and Process-Driven Speed in the fintech sector

Accessibility Community

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines is something that we live and breathe. Our developer teams spread the word far and wide – that’s why we have a separate community build around web accessibility to discuss the topics on how to make sure that the Internet is accessible, safe and friendly to all.