Navigate your business with precision by embracing digital Geospatial services to aggregate, manage and analyse spatial data.

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Imagery and remote sensing

Improve analytical accuracy, manage geospatial data effectively and tailor solutions for different applications to increase your overall operational effectiveness. Integrate high-resolution data with spectral information to gain precise insights into land cover, vegetation health and beyond.


Mapping and Location Intelligence

Improve performance, data efficiency and ease of exploration through enhanced map rendering. Embrace indoor mapping solutions to facilitate navigation, asset tracking, facility management and analysis, optimise operations and improve overall security.


Spatial Data Engineering Data Science

Gain insights from historical data and predict future trends through real-time monitoring and pattern recognition. Utilise scalable storage and processing capabilities to reveal hidden patterns and insights, drawing from diverse sources like satellite imagery and social media feeds.


GIS Platforms

Leverage custom geospatial solutions to enhance efficiency in industrial operations. Seamlessly integrate and facilitate the combination of BIM with GIS for accurate representations in areas such as asset management, urban planning, disaster management and environmental analysis.

What can you expect from us?


Specialised expertise and guidance

We offer focused and in-depth knowledge in specific areas, providing tailored advice to address your unique challenges.


Regular consulting audits

Get comprehensive assessments to ensure ongoing effectiveness.


Up-to-date knowledge of OGC and INSPIRE

Our team has the latest insights into Open Geospatial Consortium and Infrastructure for Spatial Information in the European Community standards.


ISO 19107 compliant systems

Ensure the consistency and interoperability of geographic information.


No technological limitation

We provide solutions without constraints, allowing for seamless integration with diverse systems.


Established delivery process and solution-finding approach

Ensure the successful and timely delivery of solutions, accompanied by effective problem-solving strategies.


Experience in taking over existing projects seamlessly


Unlocking spatial intelligence. Elevating your data with advanced technology consulting and software development


Geo data science

  • We create data models that use spatial data to aggregate and analyse information.
  • We design systems for the intelligent analysis of spatial data using additional variables such as time or traffic volume.
  • We implement solutions combining the topography of cities with Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things.
  • We implement crisis management software that anticipates terrain changes such as floods and fires.
  • Based on Artificial Intelligence, we design systems enabling automatic map building, based of the photographs supplied and information from the surroundings.
  • We implement models based on neural networks for the recognition and categorisation of spatial objects.

Geo data storage

  • We provide data as a service solutions – we implement servers that make spatial data available through API interfaces. We build solutions based on spatial ETL systems – enabling integration and classification of spatial data.
  • We migrate spatial data to the cloud using Azure Data Lake, Azure Data Bricks, Spark, Azure Data Factory.
  • We build, maintain and optimise spatial databases on premise, based on Oracle Spatial, PostGIS, ArcGIS (ESRI).

GIS solutions

We build advanced systems for the management, processing and analysis of spatial data from open, closed and underground areas. We create complex geoportals, as well as mobile applications, which serve as an interface for the user.


We specialise in the processing of spatial data

Our experts have been working with geodata for years
We use innovative technologies – AI, fusion sensor, computer vision
We have built our experience by working with clients with various business needs

Our Client’s success story

Our mission is to transform your technological challenges into triumphs. But don’t just take our word for it. Hear directly from our Client – the iconic Ordnance Survey. In this testimonial video, Lee Newton, Head of Operations at OS, shares their partnership journey with us. Through our tailored technology consulting services, we addressed the Client’s concerns and exceeded their expectations, delivering innovative solutions that propelled their project forward.

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The client’s needs are my starting point

Jaroslaw Marciniak
Director of Geospatial Services

I’ve been involved with Geospatial data and services for as long as I can remember. I graduated with a degree in geoinformatics. I have extensive experience in this industry, so heading up this area of Spyrosoft was a natural path for me. When it comes to my clients – I put communication first to understand their needs and then tailor solutions. I value relationships based on trust, professionalism and partnership. In my private life, I learn the most from my children, as they have a unique way of thinking and curiosity about the world.

Jaroslaw Marciniak

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Jarosław Marciniak

Jaroslaw Marciniak

Director of Geospatial Services

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