About us

Meet your global one-stop-shop technology partner

Spyrosoft is a group of companies implementing digital change for clients around the world.

key facts

As one of the fastest growing tech companies in Europe, we are at the forefront of digital transformation


1500+ employees


150+ clients


69M USD in 2022


Listed on Warsaw Stock Exchange

Our ethos

How we turn our values into actions

Your needs are at the heart of every project

We always follow an individual approach to each client, because we value long-term relationships over quick gains.

Your trust is the true measure of success for us

Being trustworthy and fair in every field is the foundation of our business ethos.

We want to empower and support your growth

By delivering software solutions tailored to your needs and being technology consultants you can rely on, we want to help you transform your business with the latest technologies.

Work with technology enthusiasts

Our passion for innovation and technology are the cornerstones of our company’s growth.


We drive digital transformation with our unique approach



Spyrosoft’s founders use their professional experience to create a unique offering, which bridges the gap between technology and business.



We combine strong technological competence with domain knowledge and many years of business experience. This enables us to create solutions for industries such as finance, automotive or industry 4.0.



Spyrosoft is  a prominent player in the tech industry, offering a wide range of services, from AI/ML, Cloud and Cybersecurity, to ecommerce, HMI and Salesforce.



The project teams consist of experienced engineers. All managers have technical knowledge and know software development methods.


Global presence with local flavours

Although we operate on the international market, we are strongly focused on what’s happening locally. We get involved with local communities and their initiatives.

Spyrosoft group


Software development & consulting services for HR Tech, EduTech, Finances, and Geospatial.

Embedded systems engineering for Industry 4.0, Healthcare and Automotive.

Development of robotics platforms and HMI solutions.

Development of e-commerce solutions.

Salesforce development & consulting services.

Enterprise solutions for the Automotive industry.

Multiscreen VOD and streaming solutions for broadcasters, media agencies, content owners & telcos.

Product design & management.

Technology consulting and software development specialising in renewable energy, eMobility, and energy ecosystem integrations.

management team

Business executives

Konrad Weiske photo

Konrad Weiske

Chief Executive Officer

Spyrosoft S.A.

Witold Leder photo

Witold Leder

Chief Executive Officer

Spyrosoft Solutions

Wojciech Bodnarus photo

Wojciech Bodnarus

Chief Financial Officer

Sławomir Podolski photo

Slawomir Podolski

Chief Operating Officer

Spyrosoft S.A.

Adam Pietraszek photo

Adam Pietraszek

Chief Operating Officer

Spyrosoft Solutions

Sebastian Lekawa photo

Sebastian Lekawa

Board Member

Emilia Sękowska photo

Emilia Sekowska

Chief Marketing Officer

Daniel Sokolowski photo

Daniel Sokolowski

Chief Sales Officer

Spyrosoft Solutions

Ania Kolodziejczyk Spyrosoft

Anna Kolodziejczyk

Chief People Officer

Marcin Zyga

Marcin Zyga

Chief Technology Officer

Spyrosoft S.A.

Andrew Radcliffe photo

Andrew Radcliffe

Managing Director UK

Igor Korzinek photo

Igor Korzinek

Managing Director Croatia

Andrzej Akseńczuk

Andrzej Aksenczuk

Chief Technology Officer

Spyrosoft Solutions

Piotr Anioła

Piotr Aniola

Chief Executive Officer

Spyrosoft Synergy

Piotr Wierzba

Piotr Wierzba

Co-Chief Executive Officer

Spyrosoft Synergy

Marieta Weglicka

Marieta Weglicka

Chief Technology Officer

Spyrosoft Synergy

Cezary Kozon Spyrosoft

Cezary Kozon

Chief Executive Officer

Spyrosoft Ecommerce

Łukasz Gawroński

Lukasz Gawronski

Chief Technology Officer

Spyrosoft Ecommerce

Michal Gronowski

Michal Gronowski

Chief Executive Officer

Spyrosoft Connect

Przemyslaw Ziemczyk

Przemyslaw Ziemczyk

Chief Technology Officer

Spyrosoft Connect

Bartlomiej Lozia BSG Spyrosoft

Bartlomiej Lozia

Chief Executive Officer

Spyrosoft BSG

Sławomir Piwko BSG Spyrosoft

Slawomir Piwko

Vice President of the Board

Spyrosoft BSG

Przemysław Stempień

Przemyslaw Stempien

Chief Executive Officer

Spyrosoft BSS

Jaroslaw Mroczek Unravel

Jaroslaw Mroczek

Chief Executive Officer


Bartosz Majewski Codibly

Bartosz Majewski

Chief Executive Officer


Global presence

We have access to qualified specialists in various time zones

With our multilingual, international team located on four continents – in Europe, Asia and both Americas – we’re always close to our clients.

Designed to accelerate

We grow fast

Our company has experienced dynamic growth since its inception. Founded with a commitment to delivering top-notch software solutions and consulting services, Spyrosoft has quickly emerged as a trusted partner for businesses around the world looking to navigate the digital landscape successfully.

Over the years, we have expanded our global footprint, with offices and development centres in multiple countries. Our growth has been fuelled by a client-centric approach, diverse and talented team, a strong focus on quality and a dedication to staying at the forefront of technological advancements.


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