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Agile Assessment
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Gain insight into your team’s current ways of working and delivery

Our Agile Assessment provides valuable insights to identify areas for improvement. Through comprehensive assessment questionnaires and reports, we analyse your team’s current practices, helping you optimise your agile implementation.

Agile Assessment - Assessment questionnaire and report

Advanced Agile Assessment - 1:1 interviews with various team members and stakeholders; observation of team events and meetings; assessment questionnaire; final report and presentation

The Agile Assessment that Shane conducted for KFH proved to be incredibly beneficial at a time of transition in our development project. The unbiased advice validated our current way of working and provided great feedback to all of our team members.

Empowering your team with experienced consultants 

Our skilled consultants join your team, providing strong leadership and problem-solving capabilities. Through this they drive positive change. With their expertise, they support your team, solve challenges, and help foster continuous improvement. 

Accelerate delivery, enhance quality and build capabilities 

Our flexible project delivery options allow you to choose between our dedicated whole-team approach or individual team extension to achieve faster delivery, improved quality, and enhanced capabilities. 

We understand the challenges you face

From estimating work and managing changing requirements to fostering stakeholder buy-in and maintaining consistent quality.

We specialise in ensuring team alignment, effective communication, and efficient progress tracking, enabling you to deliver high-quality products on time and within budget. Embrace our tailored solutions and unlock the path to success. 

What you’ll get with Spyrosoft Agile Consulting?


Certified Agile Experts


Experienced Scrum Masters


Practitioners with domain – specific knowledge

Overcome obstacles for seamless software development and delivery


Agile challenges and pain points

  1. Difficulty in estimating and planning work.
  2. Lack of clear requirements or changing requirements.
  3. Resistance to change and failure to obtain stakeholder buy-in.
  4. Difficulty in effectively communicating progress and status to stakeholders.
  5. Difficulty in maintaining a consistent level of quality.

Scrum challenges and pain points

  1. Ensuring team members fully understand and commit to the Scrum framework and principles.
  2. Resistance to change from team members accustomed to traditional project management methods.
  3. Difficulty in accurately estimating and managing sprints, leading to missed deadlines and incomplete work.
  4. Identifying and addressing issues within the team, such as poor communication or low productivity.
  5. Difficulty in managing and tracking progress and milestones.

Software development & delivery challenges

  1. Lack of clear requirements and communication between stakeholders.
  2. Limited resources and budget constraints.
  3. Difficulty in integrating new technologies and frameworks.
  4. Inadequate testing and quality assurance.
  5. Delays in deployment and release cycles.

How will it benefit your business?


Faster delivery

Rapid iteration and continuous delivery lead to faster time-to-market for new features and products.


Increased flexibility

Agile allows for changes and adjustments throughout the development process, ensuring agility in response to evolving requirements.


Improved communication

Regular meetings, like daily stand-ups and sprint planning sessions, enhance collaboration and communication among team members.


Enhanced customer satisfaction

Close collaboration with customers and stakeholders ensures a deep understanding of their needs, leading to successful outcomes.


Greater visibility

Regular progress reviews facilitate the identification of improvement areas, ensuring visibility and accountability within your team.


Higher quality

Regular testing and integration throughout the agile development process ensure the delivery of high-quality products.


The Agile Assessment that Shane conducted for KFH proved to be incredibly beneficial at a time of transition in our development project. The unbiased advice validated our current way of working and provided great feedback to all of our team members.

Luke Ortton

IT Operations Manager – KFH


Meet our expert

Shane Poole
Head of Engineering

I am a software development and delivery leader with nearly 30 years of experience in the IT and Technology industry, with a focus on software development and delivery. I have worked across multiple market sectors and industries in both the public and private sector, which has included remote, distributed and blended teams.

My passion is with all things agile and I have been actively increasing and sharing my knowledge since 2008, which has included obtaining my CSM and CSP-SM.

At Spyrosoft, I am responsible for the management, coordination, governance and improvements of the UK delivery domain as well as providing consultancy services.

Shane Poole

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Shane Poole

Shane Poole

Head of Delivery

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