Improve and scale Agile across your organisation with the help of our experts


How can we help you with your Agile implementation?

  • Agile Assessment
  • Advice
  • Leadership
  • Delivery

We can provide insight into your team’s current ways of working and delivery through an Agile Assessment to identify possible areas for improvement. This can be provided in both basic and advanced forms:

Agile Assessment – Assessment Questionnaire and Report

Advanced Agile Assessment – 1:1 interview with various team members and stakeholders; Observe team events/meetings; Assessment Questionnaire; Report/Presentation

Our experts will work with you to find out what you want to achieve, review and assess your current ways of working, team setup and identify any challenges and provide advice on the best way to achieve your goals.

Our consultants can join your team to provide leadership on your projects, support your team(s), solve any problems and help to make improvements and drive change.

We can provide a whole team for project delivery or we can provide people as Team Extension to your existing team(s) to help accelerate delivery, improve quality and build your capabilities for ongoing delivery.


We have expertiese in the tools and practices to help you achieve faster delivery of high quality code and new functionalities

We have domain specific knowledge

We are certified Agile practitioners

We have experienced Scrum Masters on board


Scrum Alliance CSM Certificate
Scrum Alliance CSP-SM Certified

Meet our experts

Shane Poole

I am a software development and delivery leader with nearly 30 years of experience in the IT and Technology industry, with a focus on software development and delivery. I have worked across multiple market sectors and industries in both the public and private sector, which has included remote, distributed and blended teams.

My passion is with all things Agile and I have been actively increasing and sharing my knowledge since 2008, which has included obtaining my CSM and CSP-SM.

At Spyrosoft, I am responsible for the management, coordination, governance and improvements of the UK delivery domain as well as providing consultancy services.

Shane Poole - Head of Delivery at Spyrosoft


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Shane Poole - Head of Delivery at Spyrosoft

Shane Poole


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