AI Solutions for the Chemical Industry

Use specialised IT consulting services to identify areas within your company that could benefit from artificial intelligence and deep technology.

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AI to drive change in the chemical sector

Bring artificial intelligence, high-performance data analysis, and deep technology solutions to your company to increase productivity, accelerate growth, and lower costs. Leverage our consulting services to identify and address critical areas using state-of-the-art technologies such as AR and VR, computer vision, digital twin, robotics and enterprise system engineering solutions .

Improve your company’s processes with AI consulting services

Numerous areas can benefit from implementing data processing and artificial intelligence capabilities. Let’s work together to identify them within your company.


Sales and marketing

  • Virtual customer AI assistant
  • AI automated content migration
  • AI semantic search
  • Chemical AR/VR Product Visualiser
  • Customer Churn Prediction
  • Recommendation engine
  • Marketing content AI translations
  • Marketing strategies and campaign automation
  • Price forecasting and dynamic pricing strategy


  • Virtual Factory Management (as Digital Twin)
  • AI batch processing
  • Automated quality inspection
  • Prescriptive maintenance
  • Robotics & computer vision inspection
  • Clustering and searching through unstructured documents

Research and development

  • Prediction of new formulations
  • AI-Powered Validation of AI Processes

Support functions​

  • AI-Driven PIM Migration and Validation
  • Corporate assistant
  • AI fraud detection
  • AI Contract Managemen

Chemical industry digitalisation business cases

See examples of artificial intelligence implementation in projects we have undertaken for clients in the chemical industry.

AI for chemical industry

AI-automated content migration

A leading chemical company needed to quickly migrate numerous web pages to a new CMS. We used an AI-driven content migration system powered by Generative AI (GPT-4) technology to automate the process. This reduced migration time by up to 2.5 and allowed for the migration of 20 websites, 15,000 subpages, and 60,000 media assets.

  • Reduction of migration time by 2.5
  • Manual migration costs reduced by more than 50%
  • Margin of error during migration reduced by 70%
AI for chemical industry

Corporate virtual assistant

A chemical company needed to improve employee support for daily tasks to boost efficiency. We integrated ChatGPT, enhancing work efficiency through AI consulting, document analysis, and easy access to the company’s knowledge database.

  • 30% increase in work efficiency
  • 30% reduction in customer service costs
  • Scalability and 24/7 service availability
AI-automated content migration
Corporate virtual assistant


Do you have any questions about the cooperation?

Find out what collaboration with us might look like: in which areas and how we can support you in implementing AI solutions that put you ahead of the competition.

Meet our experts

Piotr Wierzba
Chemicals Business Unit Director

With over 20 years of technical and consulting experience emphasising innovation and digitisation in business, I have expertise in AI services, AR/VR applications, and IT modernisation across various sectors, including robotics and the chemical industry. I am a strategic thinker adept at optimising production costs, introducing sustainable solutions, and enhancing sales support through technology and efficient data management. 

As a people-focused leader, I understand that building cooperation around an accomplished team is the key to developing reliable business relationships and delivering solid results.

Piotr Wierzba

Meet our experts

Sebastian Kubiak
Chemicals Business Unit Consultant

Software engineer with over a decade of robust experience in the technology industry. Recognised for spearheading major projects and applying artificial intelligence to enhance software engineering practices, leading teams in the EMEA region focusing on AI initiatives. Known for tackling complex software challenges and excelling in both B2C and B2B environments, ensuring seamless project delivery aligned with corporate objectives.

Sebastian Kubiak

Consultation-based cooperation model

Our cooperation plan comprises multiple stages to identify areas for improvement and prepare responses, from AI strategy development through solution design to the project- or consultation-based application development stage.


Let’s find innovation opportunities in your company

Piotr Wierzba

Piotr Wierzba

Co-founder & Chemicals Business Unit Director

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