CloudCall is a well-funded, AIM listed technology software and services business providing an innovative cloud-based communications service called CloudCall which integrates into existing business CRM software so employees can communicate more effectively.  

 CloudCall’s unparalleled CRM integration unifies communication channels, improves data quality, increases productivity, and captures all conversations. CloudCall is perfect for voice and communication for sales and recruitment teams.

Without leaving their CRM or ATS, recruiters and salespeople: 

  • Go-through tasks with click-to-call, list power dialing, and pre-recorded voicemail drops 
  • Seamlessly capture data with integrated notes and automatic call recording 
  • View relevant caller notes and details through inbound caller notifications 
  • Work remotely as efficiently as in the office, using their own devices 
  • Companies better detect issues and replicate best practices via call recordings and live monitoring of calls 

Spyrosoft teamed with CloudCall is to build Centre of Competence in Poland and drive innovation locally. Nearshoring model comes with E2E products ownership and management introducing and strengthening Agile delivery mindset.  

Our experts are present in wide-spread company technologies such as SIP networking, Salesforce development, MS Dynamics, .NET, REACT, NodeJS, QA Automation leads, Scrum Mastering and Product Management.  

Our engagement started with auditing existing solutions, delivery process and architecture. The SWOT analysis results effected in longterm partnership that became a foundation for technology upgrades and helped us come up with migration plans, indluding UI AngularJS to REACT migration and microservices approach with micro-frontends. 

We also introduced and defined Test Pyramids and automation solutions on AWS and Telco DC infrastructures. Apart from regular software development, our teams are also heavily involved in maintenance as 3rd level support for high availability CloudCall system.  

Technologies used: C#, .NET, AWS, NodeJS, TypeScript, Selenium, LocalStack, AngularJS, Cordova

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