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We design personalised CRM systems that address the individual needs of each business. We don’t offer one-size-fits-all solutions, but those that really work. See what we can do for you. 

System CRM

Get access to the best, proven and effective business strategies

We are a boutique business consultancy that delivers enterprise-class solutions. Our team consists of experts who have gained their experience at top consulting corporations, replicating the profits of global companies. Benefit from tried and tested business strategies and manage your business even more effectively! 

How do we support our customers?

Lead your business to a new level with reliable solutions from our portfolio. 



Our specialists have gained experience in international consulting corporations. Knowledge of proven business practices enables us to optimally support our clients in achieving their ambitious goals. Our work on corporate strategy is based on analysis and evaluation of business processes – we diagnose problems, map challenges and design process models. This ensures that the implementation of a CRM system meets the needs of the business in question precisely, translating into results. 

We offer enterprise-level support in an approachable, boutique format – close collaboration and direct communication with the customer is extremely important to us.  

  • Solve problems with the backing of specialists 
  • Benefit from the same practices as top business executives 
  • Implement tactics and strategies that fit your business model 
  • Choose a trusted partner to be there for you whenever you need them 

CRM system implementation

We take care of our CRM systems from start to finish. We begin with the selection of the development strategy, the analysis and improvement of business processes, implementation and configuration, to the maintenance or handover of the finished system into the hands of the customer. We understand that a clear definition of goals and a critical view of business strategy are key to designing an effective CRM system. 

We operate within a model that we have developed, which uses document templates, tools for monitoring activities or proven software solutions to facilitate work. The experience of our close-knit, professional team translates into faster results and significant cost reductions.  

  • Choose a proven model and do not overpay for software services.  
  • Invest in CRM where it is needed and cost-effective  
  • Benefit from a comprehensive service with full support, documentation and team training 
  • Build a competitive advantage based on a long-term strategy 

Support and maintenance

By observing and learning about our customers’ needs, we have developed a multi-dimensional CRM support model. It allows you to use our resources flexibly, ordering hours in attractive packages, choosing to support specific specialists or entire teams whose competencies cover much more than just CRM systems. By choosing from our offer, you will not only receive comprehensive assistance and solutions, but also significantly reduce costs. 

  • Choose the most attractive hourly package and do not overspend  
  • Benefit from the extensive experience of our team of experts, available when you need it 
  • Ensure optimal operation of your CRM system under the care of specialists 
  • Save and receive discounts in a flexible support model

Implementation audit

Our customer choose this service frequently. Within a predetermined budget, we will conduct a thorough audit of your company’s CRM system implementation – taking into account the business objective and the tools used.

In the audit, we focus on mapping the system and determining the direction of development, as well as analysing potential risks, such as data leakage or reduced efficiency. The whole thing is brought together in a detailed report that indicates areas of concern and recommendations from our specialists. 

  • Learn about your system’s weaknesses and how to fix them  
  • Prepare your company for potential threats  
  • Check whether the implemented CRM meets your business objectives  
  • Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your system at a low cost



A full 360° view of your B2B and B2C customers

The systems we develop can be fully integrated with the applications you use (ERP, Marketing Automation, analytics, mobile applications). This allows you to get all the customer information you need to grow and scale your business in your CRM system.

We design solutions in such a way that you can make the most of the opportunities available to you, using all available data. The integration of the CRM system with applications and tools is also a tremendous convenience for the entire customer team, conveniently aggregating all information in one place.  

  • Know your customers’ needs at every stage   
  • Scale your business based on data  
  • Use the full potential of all tools and applications  
  • Conveniently collect and analyse information about your customers 

AI-supported sales and customer service

We work closely with Spyrosoft’s AI department, exploring the solutions and technologies used by some of the world’s largest companies.

In our R&D lab, we have designed, among other things, VoicePro – an interactive consultant integrated with Salesforce CRM. This is one solution that significantly reduces customer service costs, and streamlines the work of the service desk.

  • Improve the work of the Service Desk with artificial intelligence  
  • Increase customer satisfaction by reducing waiting times  
  • Reduce costs and increase service quality  
  • Make the most of the potential of artificial intelligence in business development 



Marketing automation

We implement systems that support marketing activities, primarily in the B2B sector. We place particular emphasis on appropriate customer segmentation and personalisation of messages.

The use of AI-based technologies, artificial intelligence, allows us to find the ideal moment when a customer should receive an advertising message. The marketing automation solutions we design use almost all communication channels, such as email, social media, mobile apps or websites.  

  • Win customers with a customised approach  
  • Present your offer at the best possible moment  
  • Manage all channels from one, centralised dashboard  
  • Run your advertising campaigns easier than ever before 

Choose a CRM system that adapts to your business, not the other way round

See how we’ve helped our clients and discover what we can do for you!

Spyrosoft worked with us to define the Salesforce solution to support a 360° view of a franchise partner. They provided a team that helped us develop dedicated Salesforce applications and integrations with external systems. Senior Salesforce architects also supported us in designing the Program Backlog and Enterprise Architecture. 

I highly recommend Spyrosoft to anyone looking for a Salesforce partner with enterprise level experience, high-class developers, and boutique flexibility.

Jakub Maslowski

Director of Technology & Product department at Żabka Polska

Tempo Automation

Case studies

Safilo: B2B sales platform migration – over 2 million orders migrated

Our team was responsible for the technical implementation of the Cloud Craze to Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud migration project. The scale of the migration involved over a dozen countries and hundreds of thousands of customers. With this change, the performance of the entire solution increased significantly, opening up new opportunities for expansion and growth. Now the system can appear faster in new markets or easily evolve into a marketplace for B2B customers. 

case studies

Red Funnel: Strategy development for optimal implementation of the CRM platform

Our strategic consulting team, working together with the owners of the individual business areas (from marketing, sales and customer support), created a Customer Journey Map for both B2B and B2C segments. This material became the basis for developing a CRM implementation strategy and comparing three platforms: Salesforce, Microsoft and Zoho. Thanks to the material prepared by Spyrosoft, Red Funnel’s management revised its CRM platform implementation strategy. 

case studies

Żabka: Dynamic retail chain growth – over 1,000 new shops per year thanks to the CRM system

As one of our key partners, we helped Żabka achieve the result of more than 1,000 new shops per year and more than 10,000 outlets across Poland. The Salesforce CRM system, which we implemented, brings together all processes regarding the service of the franchisee. The implementation of CRM was one of the pillars of the digital transformation that the Żabka chain has undergone since 2021. 

case studies

Streamlining the online sales channel

We designed and developed an integrated CRM solution with a sales portal dedicated to the distribution of electronics, circuit boards and components in the B2B sector. Our solution was used by the largest defence industry companies in the USA. 

case studies

Unlocking marketing channels – sending out hundreds of daily messages and invitations via automation

This solution we implemented fully automated email marketing activities and effectively unlocked this customer outreach channel. Salesforce CRM was integrated with Outlook and the Zoom platform, allowing sales teams to tailor offers to relevant customer segments.

case studies

Optimising licence costs – savings in the hundreds of thousands of pounds

We successfully implemented a solution that resulted in significant cost savings for our client over the upcoming years. Our team of technology consultants conducted thorough research on how to implement the CRM system and proposed an architecture that allowed us to transfer some of the functionality off the CRM platform. This approach led to a considerable reduction in the platform’s licensing costs. Finally, we implemented and tested the proposed solution with the client’s team to ensure flawless results.

Industries we provide solutions for

We design CRM systems for clients operating in both B2B and B2C models. We work with businesses from many diverse areas: retail, legal, finance, as well as manufacturing and production. 


Our CRM systems integrate data from different points of contact, providing sales staff with a 360° view of customers. The result? A better understanding of customer behaviour and preferences for personalised marketing activities.

AI in finance: how can AI improve modelling and forecasting in financial services?

Financial industry

We implement the analytical and reporting functions of the CRM system, which enable data-driven decision-making. They also facilitate trend identification, campaign optimisation and demand forecasting.


Our CRM solutions help manufacturers improve order management, from lead generation to after-sales support. The result? Smoother customer service and greater operational efficiency throughout the entire process.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud


CRM platforms improve collaboration between teams, regardless of their function or location. They make communication and knowledge sharing more efficient, increasing productivity and business performance.

Other areas of our expertise

Salesforce CRM

At Spyrosoft Connect, we’re experts in implementing Salesforce solutions, including Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Experience Cloud, CPQ, and Data Cloud. With our team of certified specialists, we can confidently guide your company through the implementation process. Our experience working with industry leaders has allowed us to develop numerous enhancements and automations that can reduce implementation costs by up to 25%.  

Dynamics CRM 

We implement Dynamics CRM solutions for sales and service teams in various industries including retail, finance, and the legal sector through our partnership with Peppermint Technology. Our vast experience and Microsoft partnership guarantee an effective implementation of the Dynamics system that adheres to the best standards in the market. 

Salesforce B2B and D2C Commerce Cloud

We can help you implement Salesforce Commerce Cloud from the ground up. Our primary focus will be on building and nurturing strong relationships with various stakeholders in the B2B industry, such as customers, partners, suppliers, and subcontractors. Our extensive knowledge of business processes and relationships in this field guarantees a successful implementation.

Marketing Cloud B2B and Pardot B2B

Our team of experts will plan and execute the implementation of marketing tools from the Salesforce family, including Marketing Cloud B2B and Pardot B2B. With our strong background in email marketing and the personalisation of marketing communications, we can help you reach your customers more effectively by integrating Marketing Cloud with CRM systems, analytics, and databases. You can trust us to provide top-notch solutions that will boost your competitiveness.  


We have access to a wide range of expertise so that one supplier provides all the components


We will help you develop a CRM system that responds effectively to your business needs.

Michał Gronowski

Michal Gronowski

Head of CRM Systems

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