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About Better Software Group

Your front-line for better solutions on every screen and platform

With many years of experience in the media and entertainment industry, Better Software Group operate as a Video Tech Hub, putting forward their abilities in order to transform and create a better, modern world of comprehensive solutions. Their team always puts full effort into proposing the most profitable options to their partners and achieving the best possible outcome for each project, while maintaining close attention to detail and using only best practices. Their work ethic consists of full transparency and clear communication, as they believe that this is the only way to generate the best ideas and solutions together.

Specialty platforms


What BSG can do for you



In everyday work, Better Software Group consult and advise their partners toward creating comprehensive and innovative solutions, while fully utilising their skillsets and expertise to improve the client’s business. The front-end approach gives BSG a better view of the entire development process, allowing them to focus on the results - the usability, responsiveness and intuitiveness of each solution. This way, other functionalities can shine, be seen and be appreciated by users.

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Multiscreen TV app development

The demands of users are gradually developing with the innovations in the industry. To stay on top of the game, you must keep your solutions up to date, even exceeding the expectations of your customers. TV application development is a niche that is in high demand and lies within BSG’s speciality. Their team consists of highly skilled professionals who are dedicated to innovating and changing the industry for the better, one app at a time.

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Specialists on-demand

In this ever-growing market, there is an almost infinite need for specialists and development teams experienced in working globally. Staff augmentation services provided by Better Software Group are the answer for all looking to upgrade their competence and skillset assets with driven, passionate and result-oriented experts.


Integration and implementation

There can be many problems that may occur even with functional applications, such as the generation of a technological debt over time or the implementation of new functionalities as well as the integration of an application with other solutions or their parts. To solve such challenges, the most important are the in-depth knowledge of applied technologies, skilled navigation through them and experience that allows finding and implementing the best innovations - a skillset that each member of the BSG team has, making them a perfect technology partner.

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White-label with customisation

White-label is the alternative for more time-consuming and expensive custom options but the core product can also be enhanced with custom-made functionalities to meet different business needs. In this model, BSG provide their clients with a license for modifications, which can be done with their in-house team to further personalise the solution over time.


End-to-end solutions

Better Software Group have established numerous partnerships and collaborations, all of which create an infinite potential for innovative projects. The company works with market-proven specialists able to develop various solutions according to any client requirements. Working with white-label or creating custom applications, the possibilities are endless, especially with established partnerships resulting in cutting-edge, innovative end-to-end solutions.

Why us

What distinguishes Better Software Group from others?


Quick time-to-market

In the IT world, time is of the essence and a lengthy development process is detrimental to many initiatives. That’s why Better Software Group do everything they can to shorten the time of solution delivery without compromising their methods and attention to detail.


Frontend approach

The frontend approach allows BSG to see the development processes from a user perspective. Looking at the creation of a solution in that way speeds up the solution delivery as each point of it can be properly planned from the very beginning, omitting time-consuming touch-ups at the end.


High flexibility and responsiveness

A broad spectrum of technologies and platforms for which Better Software Group offers their services allows them to create a safe space for the clients to bring and discuss ideas, adjust the technicalities, commission projects and see them be completed all within BSG’s team.


Expertise built over years

With numerous experienced specialists on board, BSG is able not only to provide excellent products and solutions but also to predict and utilise market trends and innovations.

They create specialised teams for niche technologies that are currently in demand, taking over full projects or supplementing existing client teams.

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