Driving innovation through user research and product design


A great user experience is key for any successful product or service

We take the time to understand your users and their needs. We use a variety of methods to gather this information, including user research, interviews, and competitive analysis.

Once we have a good understanding of your users, we can start to design a product or service that meets their needs. We use a user-centred design process that ensures that the user is always at the forefront of our thinking. We conduct user testing, collect feedback, and measure metrics to ensure that our designs are effective.

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A great user experience is essential for any successful product or service


How we can help

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CX and digital strategy

From customer service to introducing cutting-edge technologies. Whether you’re at the very beginning of the digital transformation process or at its forefront, we can help you design and apply the CX strategy on every level of your business.

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Designing good products and services requires good understanding of users’ needs. We will dive into available materials to better understand your business as well as perform interviews with key stakeholders to understand problems they are trying to solve. We will perform interviews with end-users understanding what they are trying to achieve using your product.

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Design workshops

Our facilitators and designers will work with your cross-functional team on solving critical business problems. They will use frameworks such as Design Sprint to help you understanding the problem, brainstorm potential solutions and test them with the end-users answering key questions fast.

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Product Design

User-friendly designs are the key to the success for today multi-modal applications. We design and test the application layouts, which help you improve user experience and increase the revenue. We work on this process alongside your team – regardless of whether you need brainstorming, interaction prototyping or interface creation, we’re here to guide and support you.

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Visual Design

Pixel – perfect, eye – catching visuals, illustrations and icons as well as accordingly set typography, spacing, layouts and colours will make set your product apart.

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Design Systems

When you have many mobile or a web applications consistency in the way they look and behave is a key. Design systems allows to achieve high degree of consistency at a low cost with reusable components and clear standards.

How we do it


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We understand the business goals behind products or services. We verify the existing materials, interview stakeholders and end-users. We analyse and synthesise materials for the workshops.

Research debrief

Design workshops

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We run workshops with your team, where we validate business assumptions, create product prototypes and test these with end users.

Validated business goals, low-fi prototype

Product design

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We design wireframes and hi-fi designs for the main product functions. We design visual assets. We test them with group of target users and measure the business goals.

Wireframes, hi-fi designs, test results

Development support

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Our team of designers assist you with the daily implementation and development of your product.

Product is deployed for a full scale use


Jaroslaw Mroczek

“Why am I right?” – we don’t spend enough time thinking about this fundamental question when making business decisions. My past experience working for many companies on engineering, design and product management has proven this. This is why I enjoy looking at how design methods help to unravel complex business challenges and create great products, services and experiences. I strongly believe in experimentation as a mean of growing fast. Rapid prototyping and challenging ideas with end users, failing fast and learning from those failures is the only way to make products people love.

Jarosław Mroczek


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