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We offer expert software development services tailored ​to the unique needs of our clients


Customise your e-learning product

Engage your audience with interactive experiences, improve the traffic on your LXP and make learning an everyday activity in your organisation. We have well-tested strategies  and techniques to help you turn around your training ecosystem. 

We are well-versed in the SCORM and xAPI protocols to closely track learning experiences.


VR solutions for next-level experience

Let your team practice their manual skills in a risk-free space, have them actively participate in kinesthetic learning, give them not only theory but also real-life practice.

We design immersive VR solutions to create innovative eLearning experiences such as simulations, virtual field trips, product demonstrations or soft skills practice.


Legacy system modernisation support

Upgrade your legacy system to the current design and technological standards optimised to meet your business needs and internal requirements.

Take advantage of our end-to-end support from thorough analysis through developing custom functionality, close testing and final implementation.


Enhance your education platform with social learning elements

Build engaged learning communities in your organisation and encourage a semi-formal approach to skills development and knowledge sharing by providing a virtual space for real collaboration.

We will help you introduce new social learning elements such as discussion forums, sharing and commenting on content, or live streams to your existing LMS or LXP.


Comprehensive e-learning platform maintenance

Let us support you with the comprehensive maintenance of your learning systems while you can focus on your core business. Our experienced team provides professional 2nd and 3rd line support, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum uptime of your platform. ​


Incorporate AI-powered recommendation systems

Enable your employees to control their learning trajectory, present them with the most relevant and targeted content and optimise their time spent on searching for the right experts and instructions.

We can implement adaptive learning algorithms, design chatbots or virtual assistants and help you automate assessment and evaluation.

Implement AI to your learning platform

Let AI become your business reality and optimise your learning systems to bring about personalised learning experiences while automating daunting administrative tasks.

Our team of AI engineers will help you create adaptive learning algorithms, which will adjust to your audience’s preferences and pace. We know how to implement detailed analysis of users’ behaviours and performance for you to quickly identify the skills gaps in your organisation. With the power of AI, you can easily create training content or scale your curricula by training virtual tutors or instant assistants.

Focus on building engaging L&D strategies that will make an impact on your business while we take care of implementing AI engines to your platforms.

We know how


to deliver the most streamlined learner journey and learning experience


to introduce learners to new ways of learning and allow them a safe place to experiment with different learning technology and learning advancements


to support learners to interact, interface and forge relationships with other learners, learning experts and learning communities


to decrease the search time for accurate content and to personalise the learning experience


to support both formal and informal learning activities​


to help companies take a technological leap

We understand how learning experience may benefit from AI ​and are ready to enhance your platform with elements of adaptive learning, predictive analytics or natural language processing.

Daniel Zaborowski

Director of HR Tech & EduTech

Case Study

Modernising the learning management system

Our client, Virtual College, one of the UK’s leading players in the e-learning sector, struggled with obsolete technological infrastructure, which caused escalating maintenance expenses and security concerns.

By adopting contemporary technologies and robust frameworks, we successfully revamped the outdated infrastructure, which resulted in enhanced performance, scalability, and security. This partnership not only empowered Virtual College with advanced technological capabilities but also positioned them to deliver superior educational experiences well into the future.

Meet our expert

The relationships with our partners are the most important ones

Daniel Zaborowski
Director of HR Tech & EduTech

My team and I create meaningful solutions for education industries and organisations which drive digital learning transformation. My goal is to support businesses in empowering learners through the most streamlined and intuitive tools and technology. I’m on a mission to make learning more collaborative, flexible and engaging while contributing towards measurably improved performance.

Being the third employee of Spyrosoft I have diverse experience in EduTech, including work with multinational companies and startups such as Unit4 or Virtual College.

If I were on a desert island, I’d enjoy listening to the sound of waves while reading books.

Do you have any questions about the cooperation?

Find out what our collaboration might look like: in which areas and how we can support you to build Edu Tech software that puts you ahead of the competition.

Our approach

Experience you can trust, quality service you can expect

With a team of 48 senior education engineers and an experienced software development team, we provide flexible cooperation models which are designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing workflow.

Our extensive experience in developing and maintaining LMS solutions and building customised educational platforms ensures that you get​ a system perfectly suited to your needs.

We are well-versed in SCORM standards, making it easy for you to integrate your existing content with our solutions. Our team is also experienced in building social learning applications and can assisist you in developing LXP solutions.

The advantages we offer

What makes us a reliable technology partner?

  1. We are experienced in building and maintaining LMS

  2. We develop LXP solutions

  3. We build intuitive authoring tools

  4. We do integration to SCORM or xAPI

  5. We build social applications

  6. We offer flexible cooperation models


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Daniel Zaborowski

Director of HR Tech & EduTech

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