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About AllPro

AllPro is a comprehensive tool for human capital management dedicated to project-based companies. It allows you to manage resource allocation in multiple projects, depending on employees’ experience, skills, availability or contract type. It also includes project-specific conditions, such as type of settlement, invoice approval process, agreed project hours limit and rates.

With AllPro, you can rest assured that your processes meet all the project-specific conditions and your resources are managed in the most effective way.

The 360° Project Management System

We know how complex project management can be when your company grows week by week. We’ve decided to use all we’ve learned about successfully handling multi-level projects to build a tool that’s easy to scale and maintain long-term.

allpro-easy access to employee details


Get an easy access to employee details

Manage information about each specialist: their position at the company, career path, skills, contract details, overtime, time-off and sick leave balance, as well as their availability. All in one place and synced with other systems.

Allpro - project tracking platform Manage talents

Manage talents

Browse and pick employees for specific projects based on their skillset, educational background, technologies they specialise in, level of experience or seniority. Generate resumes to present the team to new clients. Monitor and support employees’ professional development focused on specific skills.

Allpro project tracking platform

Keep all project and team details in one place

With AllPro, you have access to all information – including business cases – about the projects you manage at any time. This way, you can use the learnings when setting up new projects and teams. You can also better estimate project costs and team assignments to build a best practices knowledge base for your organisation.

allpro project tracking platform Time tracking

Time tracking

No matter what collaboration model you use when working with your clients, AllPro allows you to track how much time your teams spend on each project – in minutes, not hours, for more precise reporting. Sending invoices to your clients and calculating remuneration for your teams has never been easier.


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