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We develop HMI software for industries including automotive, medical, consumer electronics, and more.

What challenges can we help you address?


HMI Design & Prototyping

Lead your product from the initial idea to an MVP version with the help of HMI specialists. Starting with the ideation stage, followed by requirements workshops, concluded in UI/UX or 3D and motion designs – we’ll accompany you from the very start to create a solution that achieves your business goals.


Digital Twin

With 3D models, motion design projects and environment mapping, you can let users experience the product in the digital sphere or simulate your device’s actual use case, taking several factors into account. By taking the digital twin into virtual reality, you can lower the entry threshold for users by providing immersive training. We can support existing digital twin projects with integration or real-time synchronisation services. Check our digital twin software solutions.


HMI Software Development

Ensure holistic product creation with the end-to-end HMI Development, starting with architecture planning, with pitstop at 2D user interfaces and 3D graphics preparation, through to software building and performance optimisation. Extend the solution with AR/XR capabilities or take advantage of many technical components at once thanks to the technology fusion.


Companion Apps Development

Build a bridge between your solution and the client’s device with a companion application. Remote control, desktop or mobile app – we make software of your choice that suits users best.



Last but not least, we ensure the product is high quality by running a set of manual and automated tests. On the way, we constantly check if the solution meets your business needs by doing verification and validation tests. To prepare its entry to the market, we check its performance under various conditions and draw up analytics tools.


Designing daily HMI interactions

In modern life we are surrounded with more advance technology and the way we interact with machines has become critical part of our everyday life. Although the human element remains the same each interaction is vastly different and has a different purpose. With our vast domain knowledge and a wide range of experts, we can better address user and business needs and tailor interactions around these.

Wavey HMI


• In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI)
• Digital Instrument Clusters
• Connected Car Applications
• Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
• Augmented Reality (AR) for Automotive
• Vehicle Diagnostics and Maintenance

Heavy Machinery HMI

Heavy Machinery

• Equipment Control Panels
• Custom Display Solutions
• Autonomous and Remote Operation
• Environmental Monitoring
• Telematics and Precision Agriculture
• Cross-Platform Compatibility

Medical Devices

• Electronic Health Record (EHR)
• Diagnostic Devices Interfaces
• Surgical Planning and Navigation
• Medical Imaging Applications
• Point-of-Care Applications
• Medical Simulation and Training

Smart home HMI

Home Appliances & Consumer Electronics

• Smart Home Control Systems
• Multimedia Entertainment Systems
• Smart Appliance Interfaces
• Wearable Device Applications
• Connected Devices and IoT
• E-Readers and Tablets

QT development services - financial services

Financial services

• Trading Platforms
• Data Visualization and Analytics
• Mobile Banking Applications
• Cross-Platform Financial Applications

Qt development services - Maritime


• Navigation Systems
• Vessel Monitoring and Control
• Weather and Environmental Monitoring
• Customized Charting Solutions
• Maintenance and Diagnostics
• Training Simulators

Qt development services - Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0

• HMI Development
• Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)
• Real-time Monitoring and Control
• Remote Monitoring and Control
• Cross-Platform Solutions

Qt development services - Human-robot interactions

Human-robot interaction

• Robot Control Interfaces
• Human-Robot Interaction
• Robotics Maintenance and Diagnostics Tools
• Remote Monitoring and Control
• Path Planning and Navigation
• Simulation and Visualisation

Do you have any questions about the cooperation?

Find out what our collaboration might look like: in which areas and how we can support you to build HMI software that puts you ahead of the competition.

Stakeholder-centric design

What the process looks like?

We help our clients identify and understand both internal and external stakeholders and their environment. Only then we have the best chance to get the concept right during the ideation phase and begin prototyping.



Ideation workshop

During this stage we identify all interactions and their contexts. We then answer what is important for all stakeholders, clarify the goals and pave the way to achieving them.


UI/UX & interaction design

At this stage, we look at all the interaction touchpoints. How critical is the information design? Is there a need to adapt to different users or comply with existing brand or legal standards?


Hardware consulting

To choose the appropriate hardware, we need to determine what conditions and environments the device should withstand. Should it include haptic feedback or have a built-in camera to facilitate gesture control?


architecture workshops

Once all the prerequisite variables are established, we perform a workshop to validate created interaction scenarios to determine how these might affect the end user.


Technology fusion

Modern HMI devices are only an element of a more complex, networked application, often connected to various sensors and other field devices. At this stage, we look at the IoT connectivity of the device with your existing network of devices.


MVP delivery & testing

At this stage, we present the designed software. It can be staged to receive further rounds of feedback and updates or a custom
deployment build can be created for the first live test.

Ideation workshop
UI/UX & interaction design
Hardware consulting
architecture workshops
Technology fusion
MVP delivery & testing


We are partnering with
The Qt Company


We have a proven track record of delivering successful Qt projects to clients across different industries. Whether you need help with Qt/QML application development, Qt 3D or any other projects connected to Qt technologies, our experts are ready to tackle any challenge.


Our team comprises software engineers well-versed in Qt, QML, or C++, and quality assurance specialists fluent in Squish. We are driven by an agile software development approach and build a CI/CD work environment for each project.


As a company holding Qt Group Silver Partner and Qt Group Professional Services Partner badges, we play a part in expanding Qt technology. Our software engineers work with the Qt Group to develop the Qt framework and create new products.


As experts focused on Qt and Squish, we stay up to date with changes and the new opportunities those technologies create. We enhance our skills with internal academies and provide Qt and QML training sessions for other engineering teams or companies.

Are you wondering which technology to choose?

Let’s choose a stack of the most advanced technologies currently available on the market to build and develop an HMI solution that will deliver seamless experience for your customers.

Clients say about us

We prioritise working with partners who are focused on constant skill development, creating new services, and driving innovations, and Spyrosoft is one of them. They have provided us with a reliable and proficient team of professionals that swiftly validate and transform our ideas into practical and effective software solutions built using Qt Framework.

Risto Avila

Vice President, Professional Services at Qt Group

We value partners that focus on continuous competence development, building up new services and making innovations. With Spyrosoft we have access to a trusted pool of professionals, a team that is able to take our ideas, validate them quickly and turn into viable software solutions.

Petri Lehmus

Former Vice President, Professional Services at The Qt Company

Spyrosoft supported us in revamping the human-machine interface for the professional audio equipment we produce. They assisted us in selecting a frontend technology to enhance performance and prepared and developed designs that improved usability. Having seen their previous HMI implementations, we knew our project was in good hands.

Michal Weglicki

Co-owner of WesAudio




Wavey is a gesture-controlled in-vehicle infotainment system. The IVI application is operated not from the large but from an external control screen located between the seats at an angle of about 30 degrees. 

In addition to hardware and low-level layer, we provided an excellent product presentation. The interface had to be intuitive and clear-cut to keep the driver focused on the road. We used Qt technology, as it’s a good framework for creating such complex projects. On the backend, we implemented a microHMI architecture to maintain more flexibility in the development process. 

Dojo initiative: Wavey, a gesture-controlled IVI system



The product represents a digital twin of a mini excavator. The HMI tracks the device’s operation in real-time and interacts with it via a dedicated application.

The idea was to provide support for heavy or agricultural machinery as the concept could further be transferred to other devices. In the case of an excavator’s digital twin, the project helps the operator to control the machine’s position better, and enables the construction manager to monitor and access real-time information about the device, even in a different geographical area.

HMI Dojo initiative: a digital twin development in Unreal Engine 5


PoC made in Qt Quick 3D

A company operating in the construction, geospatial and agriculture industries needed an update on their HMI solution. We prepared a proof of concept to verify if Qt was the right technology to answer their needs. Without introducing a revolution in the existing HMI functionalities, we redesigned the view to increase the user experience and make it easier to navigate.

An interactive excavator demo made in Qt Quick 3D in less than two hours


HMI design and development for professional audio equipment

WesAudio, a Polish company specialising in professional audio equipment, partnered with Spyrosoft to modernise desktop applications for their PROMETHEUS and HYPERION equalizers. Spyrosoft assisted in selecting Slint frontend technology and collaborated closely to enhance interfaces for modern digital audio workflows. Continuing their collaboration, Spyrosoft supports WesAudio in designing applications for upcoming sound system devices.

Our certificates

We work according to the most demanding standards of automotive, medical and industry 4.0.

Why choose Spyrosoft?


HMI developers


embedded developers


UX/UI designers


QA automation testers


QA manual testers

Meet our experts

Przemyslaw Krzywania
HMI Director

Passionate about daily human and machine communication, I take care of the development of the HMI area and empower Spyrosoft teams to stay at the forefront of this dynamic field. With a strong background in both technical and managerial positions, I know how to translate business needs into an appealing and functional product that elevates the experience of an end customer.

Przemyslaw Krzywania

Meet our experts

Przemyslaw Nogaj
Head of HMI Technology

I’m a firm believer in the cultural ramifications of user-focused design in technology.

Throughout my career, I have led teams in developing modern products on a multitude of software and hardware platforms. The knowledge of HMI architectures and C++/C#/Java and Python languages, has allowed me to work with OEMs and TIER1s on the next-gen production HMI platforms.

With my motivation of building tomorrow’s digital society, I’m is mainly responsible for shaping the technology definition and vision of HMI Services at Spyrosoft.

Przemyslaw Nogaj

Meet our experts

Michal Jasinski
Lead HMI Designer

I use the experience I have gained in twenty years of work to design interfaces for HMI. I highly value simple solutions to complex problems.

In my work, the most important thing is to diagnose and understand the problem, listen to the stakeholders and propose a solution that meets the established criteria.

I especially appreciate the substantive support of programmers, thanks to which our projects move easily to the implementation stage, which allows us to quickly test our hypotheses.

Michal Jasinski

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Przemysław Krzywania

Przemysław Krzywania

HMI Director

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