Build Human Machine Interfaces with synergy in mind

We believe in Stakeholder-centric HMI design achievable not only through a combination of three core elements – users, hardware, and infrastructure. But through understanding and creating synergy between all the stakeholders and their environment


HMI concept validation

We will walk you through your workflows and look at how your idea fits into existing business frameworks or improves your product. We will create a prototype and validate it in a simulated or natural environment to deliver a solution able to achieve your business goals.

custom-fit development

Production ready HMI development

We will help you in connecting the Design & Development worlds. From the ideation phase, through experimentation and MVP implementation. We will build the production ready HMI and help you integrate it in your workflows.

technology expertise

Porting to new platforms

We will introduce you to cross-platform frameworks that allow for flexible deployment to various devices. Your software updates will become much easier to develop and the software development process will become much quicker.

Performance optimization

With an HMI solution designed specifically for your production processes and workflows, you can ensure up to 5x decrease in human error during machinery operation. Minimum errors lead to minimized downtime and result in increased efficiency of all your industrial workflows.


Designing daily HMI interactions

In modern life we are surrounded with more advance technology and the way we interact with machines has become critical part of our everyday life. Although the human element remains the same each interaction is vastly different and has a different purpose. With our vast domain knowledge and a wide range of experts, we can better address user and business needs and tailor interactions around these.


We help automotive industry adapt to processes that take into account cockpit design, Infotainment interactions and third-party connectivity, when designing a modern car experience and open doors to quicker feature software deployment

Industrial HMI

As HMIs became more powerful, they start to transform from controlling a single machine to plant-wide control schemes resembling SCADA systems. We help clients create such systems with the goal of delivering critical information in most efficient manner.

Health & Medical

As medical science is more saturated with latest technology, we help business translate the traditional medical processes and documentation onto new environments while focusing on medical staff efficiency and patient’s health and safety.

Smart Home

Modern home is a highly connected environment with interaction often happening outside the comforts of our house and involving external devices. We help businesses find the connections and build modern living ecosystems.


By designing with all the stakeholders in mind, we help our clients identify and understand both internal and external stakeholders, and their environment. Only then we have the best chance to get the concept right during the ideation phase and begin prototyping.


Ideation Workshop

During this stage we Identify all interactions and context surrounding them. We then try to answer what is important for all stakeholders, clarify the goals you want to achieve and what can be done to achieve these.


UI/UX & Interaction Design

At this stage we look at all the interaction touchpoints. How critical is the information design? Would the design need to adapt to different users or comply with existing brand or legal standards?


Hardware Consulting

To choose the appropriate hardware. We need to determine what conditions and environments the device should withstand. Should the device include haptic feedback or a built-in camera to facilitate gesture control?


Interaction Architecture Workshops

Once we have all the prerequisite variables established, we perform a workshop during we validate created interaction scenarios to determine how these might affect the end user.


Technology Fusion

Modern HMI devices are only an element of a more complexed, networked application, often connected to a wide variety of sensors and other field devices. At this stage we look at the IoT connectivity of the device with your existing network of devices.


MVP Delivery & Testing

This is a stage during which the designed software is presented. From here on your product can receive another round of feedback and updates or a custom deployment build is created for first live test.

Ideation Workshop
UI/UX & Interaction Design
Hardware Consulting
Interaction Architecture Workshops
Technology Fusion
MVP Delivery & Testing

Meet our experts

Przemyslaw Nogaj
Head of HMI Technology

Przemek is a firm believer in the cultural ramifications of user-focused design in technology.

Throughout his career, he led teams in developing modern products on a multitude of software and hardware platforms. His knowledge of HMI architectures and C++/C#/Java and Python languages allowed him to work with OEMs and TIER1s on the next-gen production HMI platforms.

With his motivation of building tomorrow’s digital society he is mainly responsible for shaping the technology definition and vision of HMI Services at Spyrosoft.

Przemysław Nogaj

Meet our experts

Sebastian Błoński
HMI Director

I am responsible for developing HMI competencies inside the Spyrosoft teams – expanding the scope of competencies and knowledge about the ever changing market of human and machine daily interactions.

Designing modern human-machine interfaces covers a wide range of areas where the interface is only an element of an interconnected framework. I strongly believe in motivating design and technical teams to look for new ways of adding value to the user experience.

Always been passionate about cars as living entities and the vision of vehicles becoming a “third living space”, interconnected with everyday matters.

Sebastian Błoński


Michal Jasinski
Lead HMI Designer

I use the experience I have gained in twenty years of work to design interfaces for HMI. I highly value simple solutions to complex problems.

In my work, the most important thing is to diagnose and understand the problem, listen to the stakeholders and propose a solution that meets the established criteria.

I especially appreciate the substantive support of programmers, thanks to which our projects move easily to the implementation stage, which allows us to quickly test our hypotheses.

Michal Jasinski


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