What is low-code?

The digital speed advantage

Enterprise apps are now the cornerstone of business, often providing critical functionalities. Because of this, organisations need to rapidly develop solutions or update existing ones to reflect changes in the business or operational processes. All of this needs to be done in a cost-efficient manner. Low-code development platforms enable innovation at digital speed, making it easier to create new apps or adjust the existing ones quickly.

Main Low-Code Features


Pre-built drag-and-drop modules

Typing out long lines of code is no longer required. Low-code allows designing application workflows with pre-built drag-and-drop modules. With that option, developers can create applications using visual interfaces, resulting in faster time-to-launch.


Cross-platform functionality standard

Enterprise applications must be designed with cross-platform functionality standards. With low-code development, it all happens automatically, with no extra effort, coding, or resources.


Declarative Tools

With low-code software, declarative tools are implemented using visual models and business rules. Eliminating the need of writing custom code makes adding future changes easier and speeds up the development process.


Security and Scalability

Build secure apps and ensure compliance with industry standards. Low-code platforms are enterprise-grade when it comes to security and scalability. They have the highest level of certification accreditations, such as SOC, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, GDPR.

How we do it

Use Cases

We verify product conception through models to be built, algorithms to be tested and required tech infrastructure.


List of prioritised product requirements, team size, cost & time estimation, development backlog


We design the product prototype with a fully working frontend and backend along with a defined solution architecture.


MVP, benefits verification, data and models.


We implement tech infrastructure and integrate our prototype with the client's systems and data feeds to test and verify the benefits.


Solution deployed for full-scale use in iterations.


We deploy the complete product along with documentation, ensure knowledge transfer between our experts and client and monitor and adjust the model's performance if needed.


Further development and monitoring, new features added incrementally.

Platform as a Service for building enterprise software applications


Instant, native mobility


Seamless integration unifying all data


Reducing the amount of maintenance required


Visual, drag-and-drop development tools


Built-in application and infrastructure monitoring tools


Auto-generated recommendations


Custom integrations using API protocols


Secure and scalable functionality

10 x

faster than traditional software development

90 %

up to

reduction of time needed for the development process

70 %

fewer resources
for creating
cloud-native apps


We turn problems into prospects

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