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We provide focused Robotics software solutions. Through research and development steps, we help any company bring its Robotics programmes into the age of Professional Service Robots.

Professional Service Robotics - our services

Mobile Robotics

Our team becomes your go-to contact to discuss all Robotics-related issues, from software to hardware and Robotics infrastructure. We help design and develop all variants of small mobile robots. From AGVs, and Mobile Co-bots, right through to AMRs.

Professional Service Robotics - our services

Robotics & Infrastructure Innovation

We find the most cost-efficient and effective way to utilise existing Robotics technology to improve your manufacturing, material handling, shipping, or inspection lines and install automation technology where it will be most effective. We pick off-the-shelf technology and adapt them to your infrastructure.

Professional Service Robotics - our services

Robot Capability Extension

Extend your existing fleet functionality with the latest hardware and software technology. We can help you test the possibilities of upgrading your Robots with the latest technology (for example, LIDAR sensors). We will run the simulation, teach and test your Robots to determine if the upgrade is worth your investment.

Professional Service Robotics - our services

Robot Framework Development

Robot design and development entail multi-domain challenges. Our engineers will help you efficiently evaluate the complex, nonlinear, and coupled interactions of individual components before any prototyping can begin.

The need for Robotics services in organisations is clear


85% of companies

believe Robotics services will be critical to their success

65% of organisations

expect to increase their spending in Robotics by up to 5% per year

54% of people

will invest in AI and Robotics services by 2024


With our knowledge, we’ll help you put “smart” into your Robots


We do it through exploration

We listen to your inventions and create design strategies and prototypes to help you find high-quality yet cost-efficient market-fit solutions.


We do it through revision

We take your existing projects and, with our experts, work together to enhance your Robots’ software and hardware capabilities.


We do it through validation

We run a series of virtual and real-life simulations to deliver well-engineered and extensively tested Robotics software.


We are helping you with a wide range of Robotics Service Architecture

Human-robots Interaction
Robot Operation & Inteligence
Robot communication

The operational success of your Robots is strongly dependent on swift communication between them and users. We will help you design and build interfaces and applications to make sure that communication is intuitive and effective.

– UI/HMI Design & Development
– Mobile Applications Development
– Web & Desktop Applications Development

We help businesses automate the management of larger Robotic fleets. With the help of AI, we build artificial brains for your fleet of Robots, make them more autonomous and productive with limited human intervention.

– Robotics Automation & Cloud Architecture
– Service Development
– Fleet Management
– Digital Twin
– Robotics AI

Connectivity is one of the critical elements of future technology. We help you expand the communication abilities of your Robots and help them safely send data between external interfaces and each other.

– Robot Connectivity & Collaborative Sensing
– Connectivity Management
– Robot Cybersecurity and Risk Management

Together we’ll design, create and launch your autonomous mobile robot

Robotics platform engineering

Platform Engineering

By integrating sensor modules and algorithms such as lidar point clouds, GPS coordinates, or camera images you can provide your Robot with mobility. Reach the full potential of the features through integration with the best driver components. 

  • System Architecture Design 
  • Smart System Image Preparation 
  • Battery Management System (BMS) 
  • System and Hardware Components Integration 
  • Sensor Fusion for Data Usage and Visualisation
ROS applications development

ROS Applications

Make the most of your autonomous device with the application platform powering the future of Robotics. No matter how complex your Robot is going to be, with ROS all the features are located together alongside access to other trusted modules.  

  • Design and Implementation of ROS/ROS2 Application Systems 
  • Building Environments Combining C++, Python, and Rust 
  • Launchers Creation for Multiple Nodes 
  • CI Setup for ROS Packages Tests with Gazebo Mock Environment 
  • LiDAR Output Point Cloud Colouring Based on Camera, IMU and LiDAR Data, with Hardware Synchronisation and Calibration
enterprise platform

Enterprise Platforms

Enhance your product with enterprise solutions such as Cloud services, AI/ML algorithms or dedicated applications. Simulate machine behaviour with the Digital Twin option and manage the real ones as a fleet.

  • Real-time Data & AI/ML
  • Cloud Robotics Architectures
  • Desktop, Mobile & Web/HMI Platforms
  • Digital Twins
  • Fleet Management
Computer vision

Computer Vision

Our engineers specialise in planning and writing algorithms that detect and process visual data acquired from a camera. The findings are translated into decisions, classifications, pattern observation, and more. 

  • Object Detection, Classification, and Segmentation Algorithms 
  • Data Annotation and Augmentation 
  • Camera Aalibration and 3D Pose Estimation 
  • Visual SLAM 
  • Computing Performance Optimisations 
  • Computer Vision System and Hardware Integration


avatar mobile robot


Avatar – AMR for telepresence experiences

What is Avatar? It’s an autonomous mobile robot that moves in indoor spaces. The device is designed to recognise the surroundings, move freely around the specified area, and target and identify nearby objects. The main idea is telepresence, i.e., the user’s ability to interact remotely with a distant environment.  

How was it created? Avatar is an end-to-end project. It combines several technology domains: 

  • selection of hardware and components and building a Robot, 
  • development of Embedded Software that includes Surrounding Recognition and Mapping, Audio and Video Streaming, or Object Detection with Computer Vision, 
  • design and implementation of an End-user Application to control the Robot and experience the remote environment, 
  • communication architecture between the Robot and the Application, with Cloud services in the middle. 

The outcome. By building the Robot, we demonstrated that we can create solutions from the concept by going through all the development phases, from business and system requirements to software architecture and design, implementation, and testing.

What clients say about us

Spyrosoft provides us with a trusted team of Robotics professionals who quickly validate our ideas and translate them into practical software solutions. We value their engagement in the project, their expert knowledge and skills, and their creativity in solving challenges. We can definitely collaborate with them to brainstorm and implement solutions to very complex technical problems.

Kazunori Imamura

VP of Engineering at Skycatch

We value partners that focus on continuous competence development, building up new services and making innovations. With Spyrosoft we have access to a trusted pool of professionals, a team that is able to take our ideas, validate them quickly and turn into viable software solutions.

Petri Lehmus

Vice President, Professional Services. The Qt Company

At Advanced Construction Robotics, working with Spyrosoft allowed us to stay focused on innovating the construction sector through robotics while saving months of schedule time, thanks to Spyrosoft’s stellar expertise in ROS2 and DDS. Their support and custom solutions were instrumental in propelling our technological advancements and continue to provide value across our products.

John Cameron

Director of Software & Quality at Advanced Construction Robotics


Meet our experts

Szymon Dzwonczyk
Director of Robotics

My mission is to make robotics as accessible as possible. For the last ten years, I have been involved in prototyping mobile robots for aerospace, inspection, agriculture, and education segments.

Bringing a robot to life is a collective effort, and at Spyrosoft, we provide that collectivity. As the Director of Robotics, I ensure that every area of the product creation is well-managed for a steady start and further scaling. I believe in keeping cooperation simple and flexible, as robotics is already complicated enough.

Szymon Dzwonczyk Spyrosoft

Meet our experts

Marieta Weglicka
CTO of Spyrosoft Synergy

With over ten years of experience in leading projects in future emerging technologies, I’m a firm believer in technological futurism, and I know that what will happen in the next thirty years is inevitable and will come due to the technological trends already in motion. Thus, I’m committed to helping businesses find space to make future technology attainable.

Privately, I’m a devoted explorer of “now”, making the most of travelling, tennis and climbing.

Marieta Weglicka

Meet our experts

Piotr Wierzba
Co-Founder at Spyrosoft Synergy

People come first before the results. As a strong team builder, I understand that building a business around an accomplished team is the key to developing reliable business relationships and delivering solid results.

Outside of the Spyrosoft office, I channel my energy into Triathlon and Iron Man events.

Piotr Wierzba

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Director of Robotics

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