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The automotive industry is moving towards Software Defined Vehicles (SDV), putting more emphasis on software development quality. At Spyrosoft, we cover every aspect of vehicle software development, ensuring performance, compliance with ASPICE, functional safety and cybersecurity. Our product services range from base software to middleware and applications, and our customised solutions help our clients achieve their business goals.



Our product engineering services

Our engineering services for the automotive industry, including capabilities analysis, focus on meeting the specific requirements of our clients. We offer comprehensive product engineering services that significantly impact product system design, architecture, and development. We aim to accelerate time to market and maximise product impact.



Our experts are vastly experienced with systems like Trained Park Assist, which uses BAP signals for precision in parking manoeuvres and seamlessly integrates with autonomous driving features. Their proficiency extends to Traffic Sign Recognition, which uses advanced visual technologies for the real-time processing of signs to enhance driver safety. With a deep understanding of High-Performance Computing (HPC) and hypervisors, they enable critical real-time decision-making and predictive analysis.  

Our expertise in operating systems, such as QNX, ensures the reliability of our solutions for safety-critical functions in vehicles. Our commitment to safety and compliance is demonstrated through the use of development tools such as Door, PTC, Enterprise Architect, Autosar Builder, and Tresos. 


Autonomous driving

We understand that OEMs operating in the DACH and US markets face unique challenges that require tailored solutions. To this end, autonomous driving services have been developed to meet our clients specific needs. The assigned team works closely with customers to gain a thorough understanding of what is essential, resulting in customised solutions that can be seamlessly integrated with their existing vehicle systems. 


In-vehicle infotainment – IVI

We specialise in designing advanced HMI systems that offer drivers and passengers an immersive and seamless experience. Our systems feature a user-friendly interface that allows for easy navigation and access to various functions. We cover the entire process of HMI development, starting from architecture planning, creating 2D user interfaces and 3D graphics, building software, and optimising performance.

Our solutions can be extended with AR/XR capabilities or take advantage of many technical components simultaneously thanks to our technology fusion apps. We also provide our clients with additional companion apps development and HMI testing services to ensure a holistic product creation experience.



We assist our clients in their e-mobility initiatives, aiming to improve their customers’ driving experience and offer a competitive edge in the market. Providing advanced e-mobility features is essential for OEMs to stay competitive and draw in a new generation of environmentally conscious consumers seeking sustainable transportation alternatives. 


Vehicle Software Testing

At Spyrosoft, we provide advanced unit testing services to ensure safe and reliable software. Our process includes using industry-leading tools like VectorCAST and gtest to maintain the highest quality standards. We also perform static and dynamic code analysis to identify potential issues early on. We meticulously validate software module interaction through integration testing and environment setup that uses vTESTstudio, CANoe, and Python. Our team uses custom hardware and software tools for precise control and monitoring. We enhance our integration testing through automation tools, enabling efficient SIL open-loop testing.



Our connectivity service allows our clients to use the latest advancements in cloud computing, big data analytics, and machine learning to create a robust and adaptive system that meets the unique needs of the final customers. Whether commuting to work, running errands, or taking a road trip, our connectivity solutions provide drivers with real-time information, entertainment, and assistance.  

We are also experts in


Regulatory support

Regulators play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and trustworthiness of autonomous driving technologies. Standards more often incorporate ADAS capabilities to enhance vehicle safety globally. Market researchers predict that by 2025, around 85% of vehicles globally will feature some driving automation. Europe is expected to lead in new ADAS vehicle sales by 2025. At Spyrosoft, we not only operate in line with those regulations, but have a wide portfolio of various cases.


AI & IoV

AI is at the core of autonomous driving, enabling decision-making. We use deep learning algorithms to improve safety and functionality, and AI-based object detection to enhance vehicles’ navigation abilities. Combined with the Internet of Vehicles, an advanced version of the Internet of Things (IoT), it grants vehicles access to real-time traffic updates, weather alerts, and parking availability – all made possible by using sensors and radar technologies. Our domain knowledge in this field is rooted in having an entire business unit dedicated to connectivity, including IoV integration.


Infrastructure development

To support the growing electric vehicle market, there is a need for the development of adequate charging stations and networks. We provide full support in the expansion of charging infrastructure and management systems will be crucial for the widespread adoption of electric vehicles.


Smart mobility solutions

Integrating data from various sources such as GPS, traffic cameras, weather forecasts, and vehicle-to-vehicle communication can streamline travel, reduce travel time, and improve road safety. We design and develop smart solutions that provide early collision warnings, as well as custom features supporting autonomous driving. 


Vehicle-to-Everything communication

V2X communication covers all vehicle’s connected communications, including vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V), vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I), vehicle-to-home (V2H), vehicle-to-cloud (V2C), vehicle-to-pedestrian (V2P), and vehicle-to-network (V2N). Such interconnectedness enhances safety, efficiency, and personalised experiences in vehicles.


Smart city integration

Connected cars can be integrated into smart city infrastructures, contributing to reduced congestion, improved traffic flow, and enhanced urban planning. This integration leads to more efficient transportation systems and optimised vehicle routes. Providing drivers with full synergy with city traffic is another dimension of future car manufacturing.


Continuous Testing

Vehicle software testing will increasingly adopt continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) practices. This approach involves automated testing at every stage of software development which allows for quicker error detection, faster feedback loops, and more reliable software releases. 


Simulation testing for complex scenarios

Simulation testing is becoming more advanced in the automotive industry. It enables replicating complex driving scenarios that are difficult to recreate in real-world environments. By utilising virtual testing environments, software algorithms can undergo comprehensive validation under various conditions, thereby improving the safety and performance of vehicle software systems.

Engagement models

We work with our clients in various scopes. Understanding the differences in needs and business models, our team engages in automotive projects in a few ways, depending on the client’s preferences.



  • Full responsibility over series production software engineering 
  • Solid, long-term experience with SW development management processes  
  • Ability to act independently or to be aligned with the customer’s SW development lifecycle and requirements 
  • Quality and transparency 

Product & project delivery​

  • End-to-end delivery with full responsibility over final results  
  • Dedicated cross-functional team  
  • Underpinned by experts from 17 technical specialties
  • Comprehensive and regular project reporting
  • Agile teams highly responsive to change

Support and maintenance​

  • Customer experience & support  
  • Infrastructure & application maintenance  
  • Guaranteed SLA with 24/7 option (follow the sun)  
  • Shared or dedicated team 

Is your product compliant with NIS2, new EU cybersecurity directive?

Implementing ISO 26262 or ISO 21434 by the end of 2024 is crucial to ensure vital cybersecurity measures. We have all the experience you need so your product can meet all mandatory EU requirements. 

Use cases


Front camera for ADAS

In a recent project, we were tasked with configuring a flash bootloader (Autosar Classic based), integrating and developing features for a Front Camera for ADAS. Our main areas of activities included Microcontroller and various Communication buses. 

Autonomous driving

Customer is developing software for the central part of a Level 4 autonomous driving system. Level 4 in this case means fully automatic drive within exceptional constraints in urban, highway and rural road contexts. The central part contains elements for situation interpretation, behaviour selection, elementary behaviours, trajectory/path generation and system supervision, both for the main vehicle driving function and for safety / fail-safe functionality.​ 

Steering Angle Sensor

Our team of experts was recently tasked with developing a Mild Hybrid Electric Drive System (48V) for Tier-2, with a focus on A-SPICE processes conformance and functional safety architecture. Our main areas of activities included Microcontroller and various Communication buses. 

Battery Management System

The use case involves developing a crash event detection system that adheres to customer-adopted standards and incorporates high voltage and current monitoring, UDS diagnostics for every I/O, system temperature measurements, high voltage battery insulation measurements, battery monitoring, battery stack temperature monitoring, and cell balancing. The system is designed to achieve ASIL ranging from A to D for individual features, ensuring the highest levels of safety and reliability. 

Electric motor ECU

The use case involves the development of a missing system functional concept and the process to identify functional and safety requirements, along with the industrialization of software at the product level. The focus is on assuring traceability, A-SPICE processes conformance, and functional safety requirements definition and implementation. 

Driving Monitoring System

The use case involves the development of a missing system functional concept and the process to identify functional and safety requirements, along with the industrialization of software at the product level. The focus is on assuring traceability, A-SPICE processes conformance, and functional safety requirements definition and implementation. 

System Requirements Analysis Software Requirements Analysis Software Architecture Design Software Detailed Design and Unit Construction Software Detailed Design Software Unit Verification Software Integration and Integration Test Software Unit Implementation and Verification Software System Testing System Architecture Design
Front camera for ADAS
Autonomous driving
Steering Angle Sensor
Battery Management System
Electric motor ECU
Driving Monitoring System

Focused on delivery

We work towards delivery in the most sustainable way, focusing strongly on the schedule, milestones and budget. Our team at Spyrosoft takes full responsibility for the outcome.


Project management

We accept full responsibility for series production software engineering. Our team brings solid, long-term experience with software development management processes, as well as the ability to act independently or to align with the customer’s software development lifecycle and requirements.
We believe in quality, transparency and mutual respect in our client relationships, which result in long-term business partnerships.


ASPICE consulting

We have a deep understanding of ASPICE requirements and extensive experience in its implementation. Therefore, we offer consulting services to our clients. Our assistance and guidance include the implementation and design of Software Level of V model (subprocesses SWE.1-SWE.6) and the implementation and design of supporting processes at the System Level (subprocesses SYS.1-SYS.5).

Spyrosoft Solutions

Functional Safety and Cybersecurity process design and engineering​

In the Automotive industry, safety is everything. As part of our services, we design Functional Safety processes from scratch and analyse existing ones. We implement the requirements of ISO26262 standard and ensure full compliance with ASPICE requirements for both software and systems engineering processes.

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