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We take full responsibility for the design and implementation of software in your vehicles

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Embedded software development

  1. We create and implement the coding of various components related to vehicles as well as their mobility and communication.
  2. We develop autonomous steering systems, ADAS systems and electric car components.
  3. We deliver IVI (in-vehicle infotainment) software – all while implementing HUD (Head Up Display) solutions and software for digital cluster instruments.
  4. We deliver software for vehicle communication in V2X (vehicle to infrastructure) and V2V (vehicle to vehicle) and for managing communication modules.
  5. We support our customers in designing solutions for software updates and for any type of backend solutions.
Functional Safty

Functional Safety

Safety is key in the automotive industry. As part of our services, we design Functional Safety processes from scratch and analyse those that already exist. We implement the requirements of ISO26262 standard and ensure compliance with A-SPICE requirements for both software engineering processes (SWE) and systems engineering processes (SYS).

środowiska testowe

Process design and implementation

Working with embedded systems is our core competency. We design processes for their software development, and we implement these. To provide the adequate quality of embedded software, we use the A-SPICE standards during the whole process – starting with requirements analysis through to the qualification tests. Additionally, while developing embedded software, we support our partners in implementing the remaining processes required by A-SPICE (MAN – Management Process Group and SUP – Supporting Process Group).

Ciagla integracja

Software integration

We design and execute software implementation processes using the DevOps approach and as a result we can shorten and improve the whole cycle of creating new systems. We automate all or selected parts of software configuration management and implementation systems. We develop and measure key indicators. We design and implement test as well as developer environments, and that’s why we are fully responsible for the software development life cycle. The environments are created following the A-SPICE and Functional Safety standards. 



Open communication is crucial at every level

Adam Pietraszek

The automotive industry is my area at Spyrosoft. I like to start the cooperation on a new project by establishing needs and expectations. I always ask “why?”. I believe there’s no problem that an honest conversation can’t solve. At work, I strive, above all, to give freedom and independence to my team, nothing pleases me more than to observe how individuals develop. If I had to go to a desert island, I would do it using a yacht, preferably with a good book about sea expeditions.


Spyrosoft Solutions

Our automotive team

Watch this short video from our automotive team who are not only experienced risk management and embedded software experts but also know the technicalities of hardware development in this sector, including lidars and other automotive sensors. They have also been supporting OEMs and Tier 1 companies for the last several years.

Our advantages

We know what counts in automotive

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We work exclusively according to A-SPICE standards

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We know Functional Safety

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We implement end-to-end software, from the sensor placed in the car to the user platform

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