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Automation device and software development

We understand the demand for the automation of industrial processes in business. We can help you to design and implement chip-to-cloud solutions, including sensor development and integration, Industrial Control Systems and IoT terminals.

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Connectivity services

In a world of connections there’s a growing need to create communication solutions to enable cooperation between separate machines and appliances. We create these solutions for industrial and automotive devices using available technologies – wireless modules (2G-5G), WiFi and Bluetooth.

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Enterprise digital solutions

Do you need help with optimising how your machines work together? Our specialists can support you in introducing usage improvements, from Predictive Maintenance and Product as a Service (PaaS) solutions to Telematics and Machine2Machine communication protocols.

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AI/ML projects

We offer innovative end-to-end custom-built solutions that reflect your needs, on premises as well as in the PaaS, T&M/ FP model. Generate tangible benefits with Machine Learning, text mining, chatbots, computer vision and automation.

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Embedded applications

With Spyrosoft as your software development partner, you can focus on what you’re great at. We will help you develop software for any type of in-vehicle device, including instrument clusters and head-up displays. We also design and implement Autonomous Driving and V2X/V2V solutions.

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DevOps services

Optimising your infrastructure and making full use of the data you collect are the first steps for completing your digital transformation. Our DevOps engineers can help you to take the leap.

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AI/R&D consultancy

We help you to grow your business using AI strategy, R&D, Data Management, Data Quality, Data Governance.

How we do it

Project requirements analysis

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We verify product requirements through models to be built, algorithms to be tested and required tech infrastructure.

List of prioritised product requirements, team size, cost & time estimation, development backlog

Designing and programming

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We define the product’s architecture based on the documentation and then we design all the necessary elements. Once this stage is completed, we code the modules, including fully functioning front-end and back-end.

Product architecture, documentation updates, back-end and front-end development

Testing and deployment

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We implement tech infrastructure and integrate the solution with client’s systems and data feeds. Our QA specialists test it using automated and manual frameworks and tools.

The solution deployed for a full-scale use in iterations

Maintenance and monitoring

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We deploy the complete product along with documentation, ensure knowledge transfer between our experts and client, also monitoring and adjusting the product’s performance, if necessary.

Further development and monitoring, new features added incrementally


Tobiasz Dworak

At Spyrosoft, I work as a Software Architect with specialisation in embedded systems, industrial connectivity and Internet of Things systems. I have a hand-on approach to what I do and that’s what I’ve been practicing in my career as a software architect for more than 16 years. I have a master’s degree in Electronics and Telecommunications from the Wrocław University of Science and Technology. Privately, I am a father of two sons, and I enjoy constructing simple robots in my spare time.

Tobiasz Dworak

Andrzej Aksenczuk

I am a Research and Development leader and an experienced software architect. I also worked as a system architect for embedded systems and Internet of Things projects, and I have experience in prototyping hardware and software. I’ve been involved in running research projects for a long team, both on the academia (at the Wroclaw University of Science and Technology) and the business side, including implementation of the telecommunications protocol in line with the CCSDS/ECSS standards. As a researcher, I also worked on multiple solutions such communication subsystem for the European Student Earth Orbiter and a maritime radio system.

Andrzej Akseńczuk


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