Customised front-end solution for video platform using AWS


About the client

Better Software Group is s an expert in creating top-notch video streaming solutions for multiple platforms, such as web, Android, Android TV, iOS, tvOS, Tizen, Roku, and more. Their goal is to provide exceptional video streaming experiences to users all around the world. Together, they were responsible for providing the front-end solution for a European client’s video platform.


  • AWS

Project overview

The goal of this project was to create customized front-end software for an OTT streaming application exposing content from over thirty local TV channels and radio stations.

Our approach to development

To ensure the quality and stability of the software application, a Development, Testing, Staging, Production approach was followed. It involves progressing through multiple environments, allowing developers and testers to identify and resolve issues at each step before moving forward. This systematic and controlled workflow minimized risks and ensured the final product met high-quality standards.

Amazon AWS solutions provided by Spyrosoft in every environment

1. Cluster of scalable Fargate tasks (ECS): Spyrosoft implemented an ECS cluster to manage the scalable execution of tasks, ensuring efficient resource allocation and optimal performance.

2. RDS database instance: An RDS database instance was set up to provide a reliable and scalable database solution for storing and managing application data.

3. S3 buckets: Multiple S3 buckets were provisioned to handle different aspects of the application, including web application assets, studio application assets, and CDN (Content Delivery Network) storage for efficient content distribution.

4. CloudFront distributions: CloudFront, Amazon’s global content delivery network, was utilised to improve the performance and scalability of the application. Spyrosoft set up CloudFront distributions for the web application, studio application, and CDN to efficiently deliver content to users.

5. Elastic Load Balancer (ELB): An ELB was deployed to route traffic to the appropriate services within the ECS cluster, ensuring high availability and load balancing for seamless user experiences.

6. ElastiCache Redis Cluster: Spyrosoft implemented an ElastiCache Redis Cluster to provide fast and scalable in-memory caching, optimising the performance and responsiveness of the application.

7. Route53: Route53, Amazon’s domain name system (DNS) web service, was utilised for managing domains associated with the application, ensuring reliable and efficient domain management.

Solution highlights

The collaborative efforts of Spyrosoft, BSG, and other partners resulted in a feature-rich platform that caters to Appointment TV, Video on Demand (VOD), and Pay-Per-View (PPV) models. It allowed users to watch their favourite content in real-time and access content up to six days back.

Spyrosoft was an invaluable addition to our team for this project. Our collaboration on front-end development and our video platform production expertise resulted in a visually stunning and feature-rich platform that delivers an exceptional video streaming experience to users.

Krzysztof Musiał

Krzysztof Musiał

Chief Technology Officer of Better Software Group

Key implemented features

Favourite channels

Users have the ability to add their preferred channels, which are then prioritised and displayed in a dedicated section on the home screen. Rotating icons of other channels are also presented in a random order to encourage content discovery.

Categories and advanced sorting

To accommodate the wide range of content from various local TV operators, a “categories” tab was included in the platform’s menu. This feature enables TV operators to upload videos from local events and assign them to relevant categories. An advanced sorting option allows users to find content based on specific parameters such as event date, location, and more.

Visual elements and lists

Various visual elements and lists were incorporated into the platform to enhance the user experience. These include TV Channels, a list of ongoing live channels, landscape-format movie posters, square podcast covers, sliders, and an Electronic Programming Guide (EPG) for easy navigation of current trends.

The collaboration between Spyrosoft, Better Software Group, and other partners resulted in the successful creation of a video platform that is both visually appealing and full of features. The medium boasts user-friendly elements that add to the immersive experience by utilising Amazon AWS services to customise the front-end solutions. The collaborative efforts and expertise of the teams involved have delivered a top-notch video streaming solution that meets high-quality standards and provides users with access to a vast array of content.


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Bartłomiej Łozia

Bartlomiej Lozia

CEO of Spyrosoft BSG

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