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What cybersecurity threats can you face in your sector

When scaling your business and moving it online, you may encounter cybersecurity challenges. It is crucial to take care of cybersecurity across the organisation and from both the backoffice and production perspective. Defense in depth and layered security should be considered essential elements of your business strategy. Although the threat landscape may be similar across different industries (i.e. Ransomware, Supply chain compromise), there are also some key aspects that are sector-specific.

Tomasz Wojciechowski
“We should keep in mind that the general rule of cyber security is that the lack of due care will result in an increased risk of cyber security incidents occurring. Software development is no exception to the rule.”

Tomasz Wojciechowski, Head of Cybersecurity


We provide services that help maintain required cybersecurity posture

We have domain specific knowledge

We understand software and infrastructure threats

We are flexible and our services are customised to meet your expectations


Cybersecurity is not an option, it is a must have for every modern organisation

Tomasz Wojciechowski

I’m a cybersecurity enthusiast with over 15 years of professional experience. During this time, I provided many cyber services for various customers from all around the world. At Spyrosoft, I’m responsible for cyber services, team management, and client cooperation. I believe there is no ‘one size fits all’ in cybersecurity, as services must be customised and tailored to the sector, infrastructure and organisation’s profile. I focus on practical aspects of cybersecurity to offer reliable service that is understandable and provides a clear value to the client.

Tomasz Wojciechowski


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Tomasz Wojciechowski

Tomasz Wojciechowski


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