About DebtPro

DebtPro is a unique debt management platform developed by and for financial services experts. It empowers your teams and helps them work more effectively using 30+ functionalities, 24/7 multichannel communication and a decision engine - all in one place.

Your customers can also access the platform to understand how debt management plans work and to arrange their repayment schedule. The tool also provides them with the necessary support for debt consolidation as they can add all their loans from different institutions to their personal dashboard.

Using DebtPro as your one-stop debt management and collections systems will make loan repayment effortless for both your customer support representatives and your prospects.

Adjust the tool to your needs

We can fine-tune DebtPro to address your needs by implementing it into your current system, changing the design so it will fit your branding and by adding new functionalities. We can also integrate it with any third-party tool and adjust it to any financial market regulations.

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Get a product for both the creditor and the debtor

DebtPro is the only solution on the market that combines the functionalities dedicated to both the creditor and the debtor. All the important information is available in a comprehensive and adjustable dashboard, including contact data, documents, reports and the instalment schedule.

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Take advantage of open banking features

With DebtPro, your customers can manage all their debts from different institutions in one place. Once they’re aggregated, they can manage their payments in a way that is most convenient and accessible to them. The tool also conforms fully to the current open banking regulations.

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"DebtPro will provide your team with the tools they need to automate some parts of their debt management workflow. This means they will be able to support your customers quicker and more efficiently, all while lowering the costs too."

Andrew Radcliffe, Co-Founder


All in one place

Users can add their debts owed to different institutions to the dashboard and manage them all at once.


Effortless settlement agreements

Your customers can quickly make decisions about the type of agreement they want and then generate it automatically after approval from your customer support team.


Adjustable restitution schedule

Changing the date of the next repayment, the end date and the number of instalments has never been easier – it can all completed online, with a few clicks.


Online payment management

The customer can change their payment schedule, adjust the number of instalments and the repayment dates without the need for direct contact or to visit a high street branch.


24/7 communication

Meet your customers in a way that’s most accessible/convenient for them. DebtPro gives your customer support team the tools to manage any – online or offline – communication channel.


User authentication

DebtPro  completely accommodates any financial security regulations, including two-factor user authentication and authorisation systems.

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Frequently Asked Questions

About Spyrosoft

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Spyrosoft consists of a team of well-versed specialists who are passionate about the financial industry and supporting our customers from this sector. We gained our 15+ year experience and honed our software development skills working on multiple projects worldwide.

Our dedication and enthusiasm led us to be listed among the fastest growing technology companies in Europe in 2021 and 2022, according to Financial Times.

Now we want to share our unique product with you and your team, aimed at supporting your business in taking your customer support and automation flow to the next level.

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