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Hosting and infrastructure

We manage and maintain networks and servers, as well as technology tools. We can also provide you with regular system backups – ensuring your security through access controls and firewalls. We also install software and hardware solutions, helping you with updates and patching.

DevOps services

DevOps approach to managing IT Systems is about integration of development, deployment, maintenance and support of product in single process, that continuously brings value to business. Agile IT system administration enables cost reduction, automation and above all continuous optimisation.

Support and maintenance

We provide application support for live systems, securing your business continuity and removing the risks. We guarantee flexibility when customising software, and innovation in development features to evaluate products.

Cloud services

We provide maintenance of cloud infrastructure hosted on biggest cloud providers (AWS/Azure/Google). Service can be provided in three models, depending on your needs – IaaS, PaaS or SaaS. Our solutions are designed and optimised to be highly scalable and available at all times.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

We ensure security of your data with backups policies and disaster recovery plans. We offer customisable solutions and even if your data is not stored in cloud, we can back it up using this environment.

Audits and IT Systems takeover

Our team can support you in analysing your current IT System to optimise infrastructure, improve security and suggest necessary improvements to its architecture. Solution and processes audits can be followed by the system documentation and maintenance takeover.

How we do it


We gather requirements on ways service could bring the biggest value to client and designing service with agreed service levels. Together with clients, we are building processes including ITIL best practices and modern agile approach – simple and efficient.

Designed service with agreed service levels and KPIs, defined scope and processes to secure business continuity


Provisioning of environments, transition to cloud or take-over of applications and infrastructure is the next step to service provision. Each IT system needs to be also fully monitored using different tools.

Live IT System with high availability, disaster recovery and integrated CI/CD tools


Providing service on daily basis means managing IT systems and integrating product development, deployment, maintenance and support in a single process. We take ownership and handle all aspects of the service.

Efficiency, flexibility and transparency each day of service provision


Maximising value with iterative approach based on feedback, optimisation and automation result in a better solution.

Better service with automated processes, predictive monitoring and simplified processes

Meet our expert

Michal Kaleta

I am an IT manager with 13 years of professional experience in managing solutions and operational processes of agile software development & maintenance. Most of my professional path was related to IT Service Management and technical Customer Support, but I also worked in engineer line management/team management, project staffing and site/technology strategy execution. I have experience working with complex matrix structures in international environment and with remote teams. At Spyrosoft, I’m responsible for expanding the Managed Services offering.



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