Financial Services

TakTo is a Polish company offering convenient and easy-to-understand loan services. The customer experience is a top priority for the company, so we knew from the very beginning that what were neccesary for this project were velocity and the detail plan of action.


Established: 2012
Industry: Financial services
Employees: 10 – 50
Location: Poland

The team at Takto wanted to update the way they’ve been communicating with their customers and how they manage their database. What was the most important to them was implementing the changes in carefully planned instalments so they would not be interfering with their customer service processes.

Making sure that the implemented solutions are reflecting what’s currently available on the market and can be scaled at any times was also essential to the whole development process for TakTo.

Before we can start the implementation, we drafted a detail plan covering all necessary stages of the process. We were responsible for:

– TakToEasy chatbot
– Customer dashboard
– Data and application migration to AWS cloud

The TakToEasy chatbot is a compounded customer service tool that can be respond to inquiries even if none of the customer support representatives is available. Using the app, the customers can check their credit rating and take a loan with a few minutes. The tool is designed in a way that it’s easy-to-use and intuitive for the end user. This new sales channel increased the number of loan applications by 3000 per month.

The chatbot uses an internal decision engine integrated with TakTo’s internal CRM managed by the customer support reps. This tool itself is compounded and can be used in multiple ways. It was equipped with the ability to set up online sales campaigns for the business users, built by our frontend and backend developers.

The chatbot’s and navigation layout were designed by our UX/UI designer who made sure that the solution is user-friendly for both Takto’s customers and employees. A team of the QA specialists were also involved in the process, checking the solution at various stages of the implementation, both manually and using automated testing tools.

When it comes to the customer dashboard, the team at Spyrosoft was responsible for the comprehensive delivery of the project – starting with support in designing the product concept and the MVP that would fit Takto’s business needs to the development, implementation and maintenance. In addition to the product development, we were also involved in designing the application’s interface using UX/UI best practices. The customer dashboard goes more than well with the TakTo’s app ecosystem, serving as a touchpoint for communicating with the customers and allowing them to apply for loans directly and to manage their obligation online. Before that, both processes were only available with support from the call centre employees.

Since having the dashboard implemented on production/the dashboard launched in August 2019, the system has been used by more than 2500 customers generating repayments of PLN 40,000 each month.

The third project that we developed for TakTo was the data migration to AWS virtual servers. This part of the collaboration was in whole taken care of by the Spyrosoft developers. They not only designed the application’s new architecture but also planned how the data would be transferred in to the new locations.

The whole process was completed gradually, starting with non-customer facing functionalities that wouldn’t interfere with the customer support work. The rest of the app’s components were introduced one by one using non-production environments and were tested thoroughly.

What’s most important is that the data migration was invisible for our customers and our employees – Dagmara Majdak, Head Of Project Development at TakTo

Technologies used in the project:

  • AWS
  • TeamCity
  • Terraform
  • Jira
  • Slack

Currently, the Spyrosoft team is responsible for the applications maintenance and monitoring these using Zabbix. We also introduced automatic system performance tracking to make sure that we can take care of any occurring issues as soon as possible.