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When choosing a technological partner, skills aren’t the only aspect that matters. We understand the value of smooth, fast onboarding, starting the project immediately, and open daily communication. Knowing the importance of time-to-market, and having team members experienced in various sectors, we adapt to our partners’ business needs and project requirements.

Industry 4.0 building automation


Building automation

Building automation

Building automation in Industry 4.0 leverages IoT, AI, and data analytics to optimize energy efficiency, enhance security, and elevate user comfort. This innovation ensures sustainable operations, cost savings, and a seamless user experience in the modern built environment.

Inudstry 4.0 HVAC




Maintenance of HVAC systems in Industry 4.0 uses advanced data analysis, IoT, and AI-based solutions to provide optimal management of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. The changing requirements opt for more energy and cost-effective systems that allow businesses to operate more sustainably. Integrated technology also improves indoor air quality and enhances the overall comfort of property users.

Inudstry 4.0 Industrial automation


Industrial automation

Industrial automation

One of the crucial pillars of modern manufacturing is industrial automation. It’s a good step forward in the era of digitalisation that helps companies increase productivity, reduce costs and stay competitive in the fourth industrial revolution. With the backup of integrated IoT, cybersecurity and functional safety, industrial automation makes daily operations more efficient, minimises errors, and enables real-time monitoring for predictive maintenance.

Industry 4.0 telecommunication




Customer satisfaction and network performance are crucial areas of focus for every telco company. In the digital era, using IoT and cloud solutions improves processes and minimises the risk of errors and downtime. Adopting 5G and AI technologies, they streamline network traffic and automate customer support procedures, ensuring a competitive advantage in the digital landscape.

Industry 4.0 construction machinery


Construction machinery

Construction machinery

The construction industry is another sector actively undergoing digital transformation through smart and connected building products. Technologies such as BIM, IoT, digital twin, and additive manufacturing are now being used to simplify processes from design to operation. Automation through advanced technologies, like digital twins, sensors, and drones, improves efficiency and project outcomes in construction, exceeding performance expectations.

Industry 4.0 Green Energy


Green energy

Green energy

The modern industry is constantly focusing on finding ways to incorporate sustainable and renewable energy sources. With the help of IoT, AI, and smart grids, energy production and distribution have become more cost-effective and less harmful to our planet. By integrating solar panels, wind turbines, and energy storage systems, we can promote environmental sustainability and create a cleaner energy ecosystem for the future. Discover how your business can benefit from the most advanced solutions in this area.processes and communication methods, therefore many security principles apply to it.

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When you collaborate with Spyrosoft, you can rest assured that we take full responsibility for managing scope, time, and costs, allowing you to focus on your core business while we ensure quality delivery by default.

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Prepare your business for tomorrow – start evolving today

Modern companies cannot afford to stand still but must constantly evolve. We support businesses in the industrial sector as they take on the journey of digitalisation. This allows them to face their biggest challenges more easily. At Spyrosoft, we employ data science and AI methods, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), digital tracking and monitoring systems to enhance correct measuring, precise controlling and accurate planning. Always in line with industry standards.


Functional Safety & Cybersecurity

Ensure cybersecurity compliance and functional safety for your embedded systems before the EU Act’s 2024 deadline. Contact us now to learn how our expertise in IEC 62443 and IEC 61508 standards can help you increase safety measures and thoroughly secure your systems.

Reach full compliance



Boost production efficiency with our advanced connectivity solutions. We help our clients maintain seamless interoperability and efficient power, signal, and data management. Partner with us to achieve quick time-to-market and elevate your connectivity capabilities. Our team’s experience and know-how can help your company switch to smart solutions according to your business’s characteristics and specific needs. Contact us now to drive your industrial automation to new heights.


Embedded software platform

If you are looking for proven ways of cost reduction, creating a platform for your embedded software is something to consider. Our industry expertise enables seamless connectivity and optimised performance of your embedded systems. Implementing our OS saves money and increases efficiency, providing solutions that stand the test of time and are fully compatible with different devices.


Industrial HMI

Knowing the importance of human-machine interfaces, we provide comprehensive solutions for industrial automation. Our partners benefit from our deep technology expertise and vast experience within the domain of HMI. Contact us for full support on the way to optimal operations and increased productivity.


Digital solutions

We specialise in custom IoT solutions, focusing on cloud IoT platforms and intuitive app development for various user needs, including solutions for internal use, platforms for installers and fleet managers, and applications for end customers. Additionally, our services include comprehensive IoT consulting.

Is your product compliant with the new EU Cybersecurity Act? Get it done in 2024

Implementing IEC 62443 and IEC 61508 standards by the end of 2024 is crucial to ensure vital cybersecurity measures. We have all the experience you need so your product can meet all mandatory EU requirements. 


V-model enhanced with agile solutions

We take a hybrid approach in managing the projects we run. We combine critical elements of the V-model with an agile approach. As a result, the framework fully complies with requirements but gains flexibility.


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We have technical expertise

We are technology consultants and engineering experts who provide software components and solutions.


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When partnering with Spyrosoft, you’re choosing experienced engineers, and managers who know your business field.


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We’ll tailor the project to your goals.


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We priorities long-term partnerships and enjoy taking responsibility. Rest assured, if you take part in daily meetings with our tech team, or not, we are always transparent.


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When you collaborate with us, we will manage scope, time and costs.


The good practices that benefit our partnerships

We strive to establish a comfortable environment where both teams can share feedback and ideas. Our belief is that open communication rooted in full transparency results in better outcomes that ultimately benefit your company. Every client is welcome to join our daily meetings, ask for a status or consult along the way.


Getting to know each other

From the start, our Technical Lead will be by your side throughout the project, ensuring steadfast support and effective communication. The first meeting will include our Business Unit Director, Lukasz Wojcik, who oversees the entire process.


Gathering requirements

Our Technical Lead, supported by Embedded Specialists, Functional Safety and Cybersecurity Engineers, and Quality Assurance Engineers, according to project needs, will collaborate with you to secure the project from every angle. Considering different perspectives brings the best results.


Decision making

Our team will provide a comprehensive view by thoroughly preparing all necessary documentation, action plans, pricing for tasks without RFQs, and milestone estimates.


Progress monitoring

In addition to project team meetings, we schedule sessions with our Director, Project Manager, and a representative from the partner’s side to gather feedback about our collaboration, discuss any needs that may arise, and adjust them accordingly.

Together, let’s create solutions that drive success for your company


Acting in line with norms, certificates & standards like TISAX, IEC61508 and ISO

We take pride in providing our clients with a unique combination of process consulting and software development services. They find this particularly valuable as they don’t need to engage separate suppliers for each service.

Regarding industry-specific restrictions, such as the IEC 61508 standard, we understand the importance of how these apply to your specific industry. Our team has years of experience in implementing similar standards across a wide range of enterprises.

Thanks to our diverse range of clients, we have a deep understanding of good practices and know how to avoid complex implementation mistakes. Such experience enables us to provide our clients with valuable advice based on our expertise to help them make informed decisions.

Cyber protection
Medical device communiacation
Road construction machinery
active directory migration
Transforming heating systems
safety standards in elevators
DCS controllers

case study

Enhancing security: expert support for cyber protection and data loss prevention

We provided comprehensive support to a San Francisco-based Printed Circuit Board manufacturer, Tempo Automation, by preparing their IT infrastructure for a security audit. Our solutions focused on safeguarding their entire infrastructure against cyber threats, implementing Data Loss Protection (DLP), and ensuring compliance with U.S. regulatory standards. This involved thorough investigation and alignment of systems, user permissions, certificates, and database accesses with relevant American legislation. 

case study

Revolutionising medical device communication: streamlining data parsing interfaces

We collaborated with a medical technology client to optimise their software portfolio for blood donor centres, focusing on warehousing, labelling, and data management. With plans for international expansion, we refactored their systems to meet modern development standards and enhance scalability. Our team developed a data migration tool to facilitate smooth data transmission across databases, which would become a permanent element in the customer’s portfolio.

case study

Innovative control system for road construction machinery

We partnered with a road construction machinery manufacturer to transform their leasing process with a cutting-edge control system. Our team created a user-friendly web application for machinery tracking and assignment, backed by robust backend functionalities for data aggregation, processing, and reporting. By leveraging sensor data and IoT technology, we enabled our client to monitor performance metrics such as operations time, energy consumption, and waste production, facilitating a shift towards performance-based leasing models.  

case study

Elevating global operations: seamless active directory migration

We assisted a multinational company in revamping their Active Directory environment to enhance efficiency and introduce new functionalities. This involved restructuring and migrating Domain Controllers to virtual machines with the latest OS version. Additionally, we implemented a GEO Domain Name System (DNS) solution to optimise performance across distributed locations. Our solution ensured a smooth transition while elevating the company’s multi-national operations to meet current standards and future demands. 

case study

Transforming heating systems: cutting-edge Digital Twin and condition monitoring

We developed a cutting-edge solution allowing heating installation experts and facility owners to remotely monitor the state and condition of the installation (boilers, pumps, controllers, sensors). The solution was designed and implemented as a digital twin, so it is possible to have full remote control over the system. Moreover, the system works as a condition monitoring tool, which optimises maintenance costs and helps with service task scheduling. 

case study

Advancing maintenance standards in elevators

In collaboration with a multinational elevator manufacturer, we’re revolutionising elevator safety with a new generation of elevators designed to prioritise maintenance personnel safety. Our team was responsible for Functional Safety evaluation, the creation of test cases to cover all functional safety requirements, the creation of an elevator move simulator based on a newer version of SoC,

case study

Elevating safety architecture for future DCS controllers

We partnered with a global leader in energy and automation to enhance the safety architecture of their next-generation Distributed Control System (DCS), slated for a 20-year life cycle. Our collaboration involved a thorough review and consultation on architecture documentation, ensuring compliance with evolving safety standards and regulations, such as IEC61508, Ethernet Communication Norms, and Embedded Systems Cybersecurity RegulationsThrough technical workshops and gap analysis, we provided recommendations and comprehensive reports to optimise safety and compliance for the DCS controller. 


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