Customer service system for a debt management company 


About the client

A few years back, we started cooperation with a debt management company to prepare, implement, and later maintain and host a new system for customer self-service.

Read on to find out how the project was delivered.


  • Product design
  • Cloud
  • Software maintenance


  • AWS

The project’s business needs

The new system was designed as a response to a growing demand from the company’s customers and the organisation itself for integrated customer service and communication through a consistent digital world. The target model is for the customer to experience a similar CX when interacting with the company through the internet, telephone, and SMS channels. 

The new system’s main goals were integrity, consistency, digitisation, and omnichannel. 

The system was to be designed from the customer’s perspective: be user-friendly, easy to log in, and consistent in communication. It aimed to help customers deal with their issues quickly, to automatically conclude settlements, and have online payment capabilities. 

Solution description

The developed system includes a host part (logic, processes, etc.) and a front-end part designed mainly for customer service via the internet and mobile, using responsive web design (RWD) and Progressive Web Apps (PWA) technology. 

The system handles the following processes: 

  • concluding settlements with customers,  
  • modifying concluded settlements,  
  • communicating with customers regarding concluded settlements,  
  • receiving customer requests and complaints,  
  • contacting customers with support,  
  • logging in and registering,  
  • downloading settlement documentation, repayment schedule,  
  • online instalment payments via Blik, Google Pay, Apple Pay and debit cards. 

Our responsibility

The project began with preparing the application’s information architecture during a workshop with the client. The workshop was led by a UX (User Experience) Designer who established a complete picture of the design system with stakeholders on the client’s side. The result of the workshop was a clear functional breakdown of the application. In the next step, the development team provided the required functionalities.  

The entire system is cloud-based on AWS solutions. 

Results of collaboration

The online system brought our client a lot of benefits – not only for the company itself but also for the end users. Users can now pay their instalments quickly and conveniently online, have constant access to their debt management plan, and can easily change their instalment schedule anytime. 

From the client’s point of view, the solution speeds up contact with the customers and allows for a faster agreement settlement. One in five payments is now made online. 40% of contracts are concluded online through the platform. Currently, the portal has nearly 100 thousand registered users. 

It was a great experience to contribute to the digital transformation of the client’s business. 


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