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Discover new possibilities with our Salesforce services. We’ll help you streamline your Salesforce commerce processes and grow revenue with customer-oriented technology. Transform your business with the support of our unparalleled technical skills and deep business understanding.

We now have access to valuable resources and a wide range of tools that allow us to take full advantage of the enormous opportunities provided by Salesforce. Thanks to the partnership, we can strengthen our expertise across Salesforce products, industries and system integration abilities, maximising your commerce potential.


Your Salesforce implementation partner

We’re a boutique Salesforce implementation partner, combining 15+ years of experience in Salesforce services with flexibility and short time-to-market. We provide end-to-end development projects as well as Salesforce strategy consultation and Salesforce audits. Our clients range from mid-sized companies to international brands with multi-million-dollar Salesforce transformations. 


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Salesforce Sales Cloud

Transform the customer experience with a digital-first Salesforce sales platform across every touchpoint, channel, and revenue stream. Improve your sales productivity with a 360˚ view of the customer and embedded AI by Salesforce Sales Cloud implementation. 

Salesforce Service Cloud

Grow customer loyalty and provide personalised support through various channels with the all-in-one Salesforce platform. Salesforce Service Cloud will help you to solve any issue instantly with AI-powered tools, cross-team collaboration, and in-the-moment training built into every workspace.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Build your customer-centric Salesforce commerce, no matter if you sell in the direct or indirect model. You can easily personalise buying experiences and increase conversion rates with one integrated platform – Salesforce Commerce Cloud. With our salesforce services we will help you quickly adapt your solution using our tools and frameworks, and then scale it according to your needs.

CloudCraze to Lightning Experience transition

Switch smoothly from Salesforce CloudCraze to Salesforce Lightning Experience (LEX). We will be happy to support you on that journey and make it fast and efficient. As an experienced Salesforce implementation partner, we have created our own Lightning Experience Transition Framework. Learn more about our approach to the Implementation of Lightning Experience.

Custom Salesforce apps development

Go beyond standard Salesforce Solutions with custom applications that we can fully adjust to your business needs. We could use an extension to your existing Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud or we could base it on a standard Platform License. If you need something else like a mobile app or an integration between Salesforce and Azure, AWS, or Google Cloud, our team’s got you covered.   

Salesforce Org Audit

Overcome any challenges with Salesforce implementation or configuration with the support of our experts. We have created a unique Salesforce Org Audit Framework to identify potential problems and optimise Salesforce services in your business. Starting from architecture, through deep analysis of data model extensions, code, limits, apps, and completing with a detailed report with key findings and recommendations for the next steps. You can book our Salesforce Audit anytime!  


Check how our services improved
Salesforce experience

Industry: retail 
Location: Poland 
Company size: enterprise 
Salesforce Clouds: Service, Experience 
A multimillion IT transformation that involved Salesforce, SAP, Snowflake, custom mobile app and a variety of different legacy systems. 
Our service: 
Spyrosoft designated the Chief Architect for the project. We took full responsibility for setting up the architecture patterns while providing Salesforce app development. Our team integrated Salesforce with SAP using SAP CPI. We made it possible to move many legacy processes into Salesforce and created a truly 360° view of franchise partners. 

Industry: finance 
Location: US, UK, France, Spain 
Company size: medium 
Salesforce Clouds: Platform 
Our client had an issue with a very old managed package based on Visualforce and Salesforce Classic. The package was not extendable and blocked many business initiatives, consequently impacting the company’s ability to grow and boost revenue Salesforce role was marginalised in the organisation as a result 
Our service: 
We started with a Salesforce Audit using our robust Audit Framework. Based on the Salesforce report our team created, we identified some weak points and assigned a Senior Salesforce Developer to fix them. The client was very satisfied with our delivery and decided to extend the project. We became responsible for building Salesforce strategy and introducing many new initiatives using Salesforce Lighting. Our Architect advised the company’s stakeholders on the best ways of using the Salesforce platform and unblocking its full potential for their business.

Industry: finance
Location: UK
Company size: medium
Salesforce Clouds: Platform, nCino, Service 

The client was looking for an experienced Salesforce services implementation partner to reorganise an offshore team and introduce the best industry standards into their work. They also wanted to have more expert knowledge that could help to shape business requirements and solve them using the proper Salesforce strategy. 

Our service: 

We assigned one of our Senior Architects to work hand in hand with the client’s IT Director and Business Owner to implement Salesforce guidelines and unblock the offshore delivery team. We sped up their development process and shared best Salesforce practices to implement in everyday work.
We also supported our client’s team in designing the to-be architecture, which included Salesforce and other internal systems.   

Industry: manufacturing, retail
Location: US, Global
Company size: medium
Salesforce Clouds: Platform, Experience 

The client was looking for experts to implement Salesforce Experience Cloud. The goal was to create an tailored online store for ordering and manufacturing PCB components. There was also a need to significantly improve and streamline the back-office processes.

Our service:
Thanks to our frameworks, we sped up the Salesforce development process and delivered significant results within a few weeks. The custom solution based on Salesforce Experience Cloud was integrated with AWS to provide customers with product prices and availability. We also provided Salesforce App development as a service for back office and factory staff, keeping the entire process smooth and easy.   

Industry: software development
Location: Germany, Global
Company size: medium
Salesforce Clouds: CPQ, Service, Experience 

The company struggled to get professional support from a local vendor who lacked sound knowledge of CPQ and didn’t deliver business enhancements on time and with good quality. It led to many problematic issues and significantly affected sales representatives’ daily work. Because of the lack of processes, every new change (like pricing updates) caused errors and affected customer satisfaction as well as the revenue stream. 

Our service:
To begin with, we decided to include our Architect in the project to audit the current situation and define the next steps. Then our experts simplified the processes and introduced best practices (CI/CD, testing, sandbox refresh, etc.). After two weeks we were ready to pick up business requirements and implement them. We also incorporated our Automated Testing Framework that could test hundreds of pricing rules within hours instead of days. There was also a Salesforce implementation plan prepared for a potential company merger. 

Client: Simplyhealth
Industry: healthcare
Location: UK
Company size: enterprise

Simplyhealth, a healthcare solutions provider, struggled with tremendous amounts of customer mailing data that overwhelmed their Salesforce storage. Due to the nature of the business, all customer communication needs to be stored for years and be made available on demand. Simplyhealth decided to solve this issue by moving old data outside of Salesforce to reduce the storage cost.

Our service:
Spyrosoft Salesforce and Cloud paired up with Simplyhealth architects and prepared a solution based on ServiceCloud integrated with Azure. To meet the business needs our custom implementation was tailored to the highest standards by one of our architects. We used customised flows and objects to optimise the archiving process by communicating with Azure and connecting it with an out-of-the-box solution in a perfectly working dataflow cycle. Our teams’ determination and resilience significantly reduced the costs of data storage.

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“Spyrosoft worked with us to define the Salesforce solution to support a 360° view of a franchise partner. They provided a team that helped us develop dedicated Salesforce applications and integrations with external systems. Senior Salesforce architects also supported us in designing the Program Backlog and Enterprise Architecture.

I highly recommend Spyrosoft to anyone looking for a Salesforce partner with enterprise level experience, high-class developers, and boutique flexibility.”

Jakub Masłowski, Director of Technology & Product department at Żabka Polska

Why Spyrosoft?

Enterprise-level experience with Salesforce solutions

Salesforce Architect involved in every project

Our own industry-proven Salesforce frameworks

Boutique flexibility & quick time-to-market

Free Salesforce Strategy Consultation

We are happy to share our knowledge and expertise. Discuss your needs with our Senior Salesforce Architect during up to 8 hours of free Salesforce consulting sessions. We will advise on how our Salesforce strategy can help your business thrive and propose the best possible commerce solutions. Consultations are held online at your convenience. 

Use this time according to your preferences or follow our standard yet flexible workflow.

Discovery phase

time icon
  • Discussing your business and tech needs
  • Defining the approach
  • Sketching the Salesforce audit plan


time icon
  • Prioritising your business issues
  • Analysing your commerce processes
  • Discussing where and how Salesforce can help

*If you already use Salesforce solutions, we can dive deeper into your current setup: Salesforce native features, custom code, architecture


time icon
  • Describing key business and tech insights
  • Showing where and how specifically Salesforce can fit into your business


time icon
  • Summarising all findings and providing answers in a Salesforce Strategy
  • Recommendations for the next steps


Michal Gronowski
Head of Salesforce

I’m a Salesforce Technical Architect – 15x certified, proud Trailhead Ranger with a strong focus on Sales, Commerce, and Service. I have been involved in large-scale Salesforce implementations, mainly for North American and European companies from various fields. I work with C-level stakeholders, business owners, and enterprise architects.

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