Custom IoT application development

Create a robust and scalable Internet of Things platform to comprehensively manage a fleet of smart devices, enabling proactive control and maintenance. Gather valuable insight and implement optimisations. 

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We provide custom IoT services and solutions to boost your business’s potential


Cloud IoT platforms

Create a cost-effective cloud solution that serves as a backend for your digital products. Benefit from the experience of our Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud engineers and architects.


IoT digital products

Develop intuitive mobile or web applications that generate revenue and serve various users, ranging from solutions for your company through platforms for installers and fleet managers to applications for end customers.


Data analysis and product enhancements

Utilise efficient data storage and processing services to monitor product performance and gather insights on user behaviour. Transform data into proactive maintenance services, R&D project input, and innovation.


IoT consulting services

Receive expert support at every stage of planning and building a robust IoT application – from high-level architecture and infrastructure, cost optimisation, device-to-cloud communication standards, AI/ML capabilities, IoT security, and UX/UI design to digital product monetisation strategies.

our expertise

From chip to cloud, from cloud to app

Our expertise lies in building custom Internet of Things platforms that empower you to expand and monetise your product portfolio. We provide end-to-end solutions that encompass diverse data points, production processes, operational insights, and connected device performance, all under one roof, and transform the gathered data into valuable insights for your business applications.

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Data visualisation


Machine ​learning


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Our experience works for you

We have effective solutions to address the IoT industry challenges


Our approach to building cloud-based IoT applications and platforms pays off long-term. While setting up the architecture, we consider the operation and maintenance costs.


We hold expertise on monetisation strategies and excel in implementing intuitive, revenue-generating SaaS features that bring value to your end customers.


Reduce time to market by creating digital twins and simulators that test device functionality as an integral part of a digital ecosystem rather than just a standalone product.


Benefit from our experience in creating IoT platform architecture that supports effortless addition of new device types.


We specialise in developing reusable software components and shared services that can be utilised across various digital products, serving different devices or groups of users.


Our IoT platforms are designed to last for decades, leveraging proven technologies, adhering to industry standards and best practices. They are scalable, easy to maintain, and operate.


We ensure smooth connectivity within your IoT system by developing bespoke device-to-cloud and cloud-to-device communication standards that address the lack of regulations in the industry.

With Spyrosoft, we’ve achieved really elevated standards while meeting all deadlines and budget constraints. Their work has been of very high quality, and we really appreciate their transparency, flexibility, as well as their willingness to understand our problems and solve them.

Michael Jungmann

Executive Partner, Digital Enabler GmbH

The advantages we offer

What makes us a reliable technology partner?

  1. We have over 10 years of experience in the IoT segment

  2. We have created many custom IoT platforms from the ground up

  3. We have seamlessly taken over dozens of ongoing projects

  4. We provide end-to-end design and development services

  5. We have a strong background in creating cloud-native applications

  6. We are a worldwide company so we adapt our working hours to your time zone

  7. Our employees hold over 90 associate and professional cloud certificates

Certificate-backed knowledge

Meet our experts

Piotr Beling
Director of Industry 4.0 –
Digital Solutions

At Spyrosoft, I am responsible for Industry 4.0 projects. This expansive field encompasses industrial automation, intelligent manufacturing, IoT, data analytics, and digital product development.

My teams design and deliver cloud-based software solutions that align with specific business goals, complemented by web and mobile applications. When creating such systems, it’s crucial to consider their lifecycle to ensure long-term effectiveness, robustness, and an excellent user experience.

I firmly believe each project’s outcome reflects the team’s quality that contributed to it. The most critical aspect for me is nurturing collaboration and building strong relationships.

Piotr Beling photo

Meet our experts

Lukasz Marcinek
Technical Consultant, Cloud Solution Architect

I am a Cloud Solutions Architect, certified in DevOps and development areas. My specialisation lies in software and infrastructure architecture, with a big focus on deployment strategies. I plan, build, and implement IoT solutions, primarily within Microsoft Azure and the broader Kubernetes ecosystem.

I start every collaboration by comprehensively understanding the client’s current challenges, which enables me to tailor solutions precisely to their needs and provide the best solution possible. As a person with a solid technical background, I consider several factors, including existing infrastructure, deployment processes, and, most importantly, the ultimate goal they aim to achieve by the project’s conclusion.

Lukasz Marcinek

Meet our experts

Iurii Liadskyi
IoT Domain Consultant, Software Architect

I’m a technology consultant with over 16 years of experience and a strong focus on Internet of Things solutions for the past decade. My primary expertise lies in developing cloud-based and on-premises IoT platforms, prioritising seamless device communication and efficient data analysis.

I’ve led projects in various industries, always intending to fully understand business needs, analyse problems, and present answers. I advocate for innovative solutions that employ best practices and tools to surpass client expectations.

For me, the most essential part of cooperation is maintaining good communication, which translates into the best possible end product.

Iurii Liadskyi

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Piotr Beling

Piotr Beling

Director of Industry 4.0 – Digital Solutions

+48 517 349 961

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