Text Analytics and Natural Language Processing

Expand the innovative capabilities of your products with text processing AI systems based on advanced language models.


Do you want to process documents and texts at scale?

We can support you with building documents and text processing AI models. We have a proven track record of leveraging modern NLP and Generative AI models like Google Gemini or OpenAI GPT to speed up and optimise business processes.

Generative AI and Large Language Models

LLMs like OpenAI’s ChatGPT and GPT-4 are trained on massive amounts of data and can generate high-quality, human-like text in a variety of styles and contexts. We have experience using those models in enhancing customer experience with conversational AI such as chatbots and virtual assistants, automating content creation for a variety of use cases and extracting insights from unstructured data. Let us help you harness the power of Generative AI to take your business to the next level.

Information Extraction

Using advanced language models, we can quickly create AI systems to extract Personally Identifiable Information (PII), key phrases important for the given document or named entities such as people names, organisations, locations or technology tags. Extracted information could be used to automate document processing in the organisation.  

Our demo: Using financial reports to predict stock prices (Lazy prices)  

Text Classification

Processing documents very often varies depending on their category or type. Customer orders or claims are handled differently depending on the product they refer to. Customer answers could be scored, and different recommendations could be presented based on customer input. Building custom Text classification engines could help speed up or fully automate text or document processing. 

Our demo: Matching employees to job offers and projects 

Sentiment Analysis

Measuring the sentiment of customer claims, feedback or online opinions is used by companies to keep track of what their customers think about the products or services and notify and alert about cases when a company’s reputation could be damaged. It could be used to apply adaptive customer service, give live insights to agents, speed up escalations and reduce customer churn.    

Read more about Customer Sentiment Analysis in our article.

Our demo: Monitoring trends in the job market  

Data Quality and Duplication

Modern NLP techniques could be used to investigate and keep the quality of the databases at a high level. Databases containing product names or bills of materials very often have repeated records, which makes it difficult to analyse and aggregate. AI models could help group the same products, reduce data duplication and detect additional metadata like product volumes. 

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Tomasz Smolarczyk
Head of Artifical Intelligence

In my work, I leverage both IT skills and business knowledge to run analytics projects in various industries such as telco, retail, Automotive or banking.

My experience spans from building predictive models, scaling data science teams for startups and designing digital transformations for corporations.

I have completed postgraduate management studies based on an MBA program.

Tomasz Smolarczyk

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Tomasz Smolarczyk

Tomasz Smolarczyk

Head of Artifical Intelligence

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