Recommendation Engines

Increase customer satisfaction and engagement by leveraging deep learning engines that ensure seamless and personalised experiences for the users.


We are drowning in information. How do you present the right content for your users?

Our team can support you with the design and implementation of Recommendation Engines. Enable your users and customers to discover new products, the most relevant content, treatment or action resulting in sales and engagement boost on your platform.

Recommendation Engines are one of the most powerful tools to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty by providing personalised experiences. Starting with simple signals such as product purchases can quickly create success stories to build upon. As you collect more data from user views, likes, comments, or context features like weather, you can enhance your recommendations and drive revenue for your business.

Tomasz Smolarczyk

Tomasz Smolarczyk

Head of Artificial Intelligence

Product Recommendation

Modern Ecommerce businesses often operate with thousands of products to satisfy customer needs. At the same time, it is increasingly difficult for customers to find what they need. Using deep learning techniques, we can help business build Recommendation Engines that will personalise user experience and make it easy to discover new products relevant to them.

Content Discovery

Living in the digital age, we are flooded with digital content. With Recommendation Engines, we can easily tailor the digital experience to any platform, from music streams, movies to watch, articles to read or any other content to check. We can even connect two data types and recommend the best candidates for a job offer.

Our demo: Movie recommendation

Next Best Action

Customers are getting used to well-designed products that are easy to use. In order to drive even more value for them, companies need to predict customer behaviour and proactively suggest the next best action. This could be a recommendation of an app that could be used within a specific context or a feature that could be useful in a particular moment of customer interaction with the system. All of that should be delivered in near real-time to be relevant.


Meet our expert

Tomasz Smolarczyk
Head of Artifical Intelligence

In my work, I leverage both IT skills and business knowledge to run analytics projects in various industries such as telco, retail, Automotive or banking.

My experience spans from building predictive models, scaling data science teams for startups and designing digital transformations for corporations.

I have completed postgraduate management studies based on an MBA program.

Tomasz Smolarczyk

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Tomasz Smolarczyk

Tomasz Smolarczyk

Head of Artifical Intelligence

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