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Spyrosoft is a software engineering company, operating within the IT sector, established in 2016, in Wroclaw. The listed company offers a full range of software development services – from embedded to cloud solutions that are customised to fit the customers’ needs and expectations each time. The company offers comprehensive project management where the solutions are designed in close collaboration with the client. Spyrosoft specialists manage project requirements, create architecture, code and develop the programming level and maintain the implemented systems. Most of the completed projects combine the hardware level with embedded systems and high-level applications.

Management Board of Spyrosoft S.A.

Konrad Weiske
Chairman of the Board
Wojciech Bodnarus
Member of the Board
Slawomir Podolski
Member of the Board
Sebastian Lekawa
Member of the Board

Supervisory board of the Spyrosoft Group

Krzysztof Kulinski
Member of the Supervisory Board
Andrew Radcliffe
Member of the Supervisory Board
Paul Clark
Member of the Supervisory Board
Tomasz Krzesniak
Member of the Supervisory Board
Piotr Budzynski
Member of the Supervisory Board


shareholder number of shares participation in capital number of votes participation in votes
Konrad Weiske 333 788 31,83% 333 788 31,83%
Dorota Lekawa 333 333 31,79% 333 333 31,79%
Wioletta Bodnarus 333 333 31,79% 333 333 31,79%
Others 48 212 4,60% 48 212 4,60%
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Current and periodic reports

Read the current and periodic reports of Spyrosoft S.A.

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Current reports 2020
Dates of publication of periodic reports in 2020 Download
The scope of the applied principles of „Good Practices of NewConnect Listed Companies” Download
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Periodic reports 2020
Periodic report for the fourth quarter of 2019 Download





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