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Nordisk Film, a prominent entity in the Nordic entertainment region, operator of major cinema chains and producer of globally renowned series and blockbusters such as The Olsen Gang or Queen of Hearts intended to diversify their offering with a digital streaming platform. The main goal of the company was to showcase their vast selection of Danish productions, international releases and kids’ content.

Business need

Nordisk Film, with its extensive range of movies and series, sought to develop a subscription-based video streaming service tailored to reach viewers directly. Catering to its diverse audience, the company aimed to create a versatile multi-platform application compatible with various devices, including Android and iOS mobiles, Connected TV (AndroidTV, AppleTV), Smart TV (LG WebOS, Samsung Tizen), and different web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge.

Launching such a comprehensive streaming app involved a complex and sophisticated process, with critical timelines to adhere to. A significant challenge was integrating front-end activities with other technology partners in the project, aiming to reduce complexity. To address this, we implemented adapters at the front-end, enabling straightforward communication between all involved parties. This approach not only streamlined the process but also eased the ongoing maintenance and development of the project.

Our services

To deliver the most optimal outcome for Nordisk Film, we collaborated with another major OTT service provider over this extensive project. Our main focus was on ensuring versatility and user-friendliness while making the platform compatible across various devices.

We were responsible for designing an intuitive and responsive front-end for the Nordisk Film+ application. This approach facilitated seamless navigation and integration within the application, greatly enhancing the customer experience. The key features of the solution we delivered included:

  • Curating a rich content library from Nordisk Film, featuring a selection of Danish cinema and a dedicated section for children’s content.
  • Implementing advanced digital rights management and content management capabilities, ensuring secure and efficient content handling.
  • Providing a robust content delivery network service, ensuring smooth streaming of content.
  • Supporting multiple languages, initially available in English and Dutch, with plans to expand to additional languages.
  • Incorporating user-friendly design elements like filters, pagination, internal search, and browser caching to enhance content discovery and access.
  • Ensuring compliance with EU portability regulations, allowing subscribers to access content while travelling within the EU.
  • Integrating tools for keyword analysis and publishing tracking to monitor and optimise content performance.

Overall, our collaboration aimed to deliver a comprehensive and accessible streaming experience, tailored to the diverse needs and preferences of Nordisk Film’s audience.

The result

Advanced streaming solution for Nordisk Film

The application created for Nordisk Film harnesses advanced OTT and front-end technologies, ensuring the company is well-equipped for future challenges and innovations in digital streaming. This strategic implementation empowers Nordisk Film to steer its application’s development and maintain exceptional performance levels.

Aligned with its mission to entertain diverse audiences and create unifying experiences, Nordisk Film+ stands as a testament to this ambition. The platform, conforming to the latest market standards, is adept at delivering unique and engaging content. It combines user-friendly interfaces, seamless multi-device content delivery, and a rich variety of programming to cater to a wide range of tastes and preferences.

This advanced streaming solution, bolstered by features like robust content management and digital rights management, positions Nordisk Film+ at the forefront of the digital entertainment industry. It reflects Nordisk Film’s commitment to innovation, quality entertainment, and its vision to connect and entertain a broad audience.


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