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ITV, a leading British media company, is renowned for its diverse range of television programming, including popular dramas, reality shows, news, and live sports broadcasts. Established in 1955, ITV has become a cornerstone of UK entertainment, captivating millions of viewers with high-quality content. The company operates multiple channels and a robust online platform, ITVX, offering live streaming and an extensive library of on-demand content.


  • System migration
  • Data source integration
  • Website optimisation
  • Specialised maintenance


  • AWS
  • React
  • Jenkins
  • GitHub
  • Java
  • Scala
  • PostgreSQL

Key challenges

ITV faced significant challenges due to reliance on an outdated Oracle technology system managed by Accenture. This old system was costly to maintain and hindered operational efficiency, impacting the quality of ITV’s services.

Additionally, the tools for handling essential data were connected to an obsolete data source called Heimdall, which limited ITV’s ability to form new partnerships and adapt to changes.

Improvements were also needed for ITV’s main website, which features live streaming and a TV guide, to enhance user experience and make it easier for viewers to explore the full range of available programmes and live shows.

Furthermore, ITV required expert technical support for a critical application that manages specific types of broadcasting signals during live transmissions, necessitating regular updates and quick fixes to ensure smooth broadcasts and compliance with new broadcasting standards.

Our responsibilities

The scope of our work included:

Migrating to a modern system

We transitioned five metadata translator services to a modern microservices architecture on AWS. This involved developing a new cloud-based system, which eliminated ITV’s dependency on the old Oracle-based platform. As a result, maintenance costs were reduced by removing the need for Accenture’s services, and system performance improved through a microservices-based design.

Connecting to a new data source

We rewrote the old translators to connect with a new data source, Octopus, replacing the outdated Heimdall. This ensured that all metadata translators could convert data efficiently and reliably to match the format used by their partners. This change provided a seamless connection to the Octopus aggregator service, enhancing flexibility and compatibility.

Enhancing ITVX’s website experience

We collaborated with ITV’s in-house team to optimise the Live and TV Guide pages on This involved conducting A/B testing to improve content discoverability, adding detailed program data and more live channels, and introducing new features like Skip Intro/Recap and Pause Ad. User insights gathered through Google Analytics informed these changes. The enhancements led to improved user experience, better content discovery, and increased viewer satisfaction.

Providing specialised maintenance for ESAM and Project ChOrD

We implemented a comprehensive maintenance strategy for the ESAM application, developed in 2022 by Spyrosoft, to manage SCTE-35 markers at the encoder level. This includes the normalisation, correction, replacement, removal, and creation of markers to ensure optimal broadcast signal integrity. Maintenance tasks are executed during standard business hours and include application maintenance, prompt handling of change requests, and regular infrastructure maintenance. Additionally, we offer 24/7 infrastructure support with direct telephone access to our skilled DevOps engineers for urgent needs. This ongoing support has enhanced operational reliability and improved system flexibility and efficiency in SCTE-35 marker manipulation, aiding partner integrations.

The result

By strategically migrating metadata services, enhancing the frontend experience, and providing advanced maintenance solutions, we enabled ITV to reduce costs, improve performance, and deliver a superior viewer experience. Our collaborative partnership with ITV’s internal teams highlights our capacity to deliver innovative and scalable technology solutions.


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