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MicroBubbles GmbH, a venture supported by Germany’s SPRIND, is dedicated to researching microplastics and devising solutions to mitigate their impact and remove it from the environment. Focused on a clean, plastic-free environment, MicroBubbles combines expertise in plant engineering, meteorology, oceanography, analytical chemistry, plastics, and process engineering at its R&D centre.


  • Thorough solution analysis and prototyping
  • Data collection and management
  • Advanced data visualisation
  • Infrastructure development
  • In-depth analysis with ArcGIS Pro
  • Reporting and presentation
  • Further development plans


  • Azure
  • Esri

Business challenge

The primary challenge our client faced was to offer a technology solution to analyse and predict microplastic occurrences. This analysis was crucial for MicroBubbles to identify high-risk contamination areas, assess the extent of existing microplastic pollution, and allocate their resources where they are the most needed. Understanding microplastic distribution and concentration was critical for developing effective removal strategies and devices.

Spyrosoft played an indispensable role in our fight against microplastics. Their data-driven approach and meticulous analysis pinpointed contamination hotspots, empowering us to focus our solutions effectively. Leveraging cutting-edge technology and insightful consultations, they delivered a powerful data analysis system that not only detects microplastic concentrations but also guides our strategic decisions. Their dedication and expertise have been invaluable in our mission for a cleaner environment.

christian henning microbubbles

Christian Henning

CEO of MicroBubbles Gmbh

Our role: technology consulting and system engineering

Our approach involved a multifaceted technology consulting strategy, ensuring the development of a robust system capable of handling complex geospatial data analysis.

The scope of our work included:

Thorough solution analysis and prototyping

We conducted an in-depth analysis and created two prototypes – one based on the ESRI stack, the other leveraging open-source frameworks. To complete the proof-of-concept projects, we prepared comprehensive reports outlining each solution’s merits and drawbacks, encompassing implementation, licensing, and maintenance costs, and indicating a recommended solution.

Data collection and management

To gain information about microplastic hotspots, we involved a team of data analysts and researchers in the project. They reviewed scientific papers on water pollution in Germany, focusing on microplastic parameters, related metadata, and standard water and sediment quality parameters.

Advanced data visualisation

We created a data visualisation system – an interactive map that layers various data sets, such as land use, wastewater treatment plants, or stormwater systems.

Infrastructure development

We decided to build and deploy a cloud infrastructure to ensure high performance, scalability, and security of the data analysis platform. The solution leverages Microsoft Azure cloud services.

In-depth analysis with ArcGIS Pro

We utilised ArcGIS Pro for comprehensive data analysis, enabling detailed examination and interpretation of the collected data.

Reporting and presentation

Analytical results are presented in a detailed report, facilitating easy understanding and decision-making for environmental strategies.

Further development plans

Currently, the focus is on enriching the visualisation aspects of the system and adding new datasets. We also develop a machine learning model to predict and pinpoint potential microplastic hotspots.

The solution’s impact and benefits

The technology consulting efforts led to the creation of a system enabling MicroBubbles to pinpoint areas with the highest microplastic concentration and conduct precise data analysis. The system not only served as an informative resource but also help predicting microplastic concentration hotspots in the future.


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