Tim Hopkin has created The Land App to manage his family’s farm in Surrey. Thanks to his collaboration with the team at Spyrosoft, the application is now used by more than 2000 users. 

The Land App 

  • Established: 2015 
  • Industry: Geospatial 
  • Location: United Kingdom 

Where did the idea to create The Land App come from 

The Land App is an easy-to-use online platform for designing and managing land projects. The idea for  the app first came about in 2015 when The Land App founder, Tim Hopkin was struggling to find all the information and the paper maps he needed for his family’s farm in Surrey. 

Depending on paper versions of the maps was making managing of the estate difficult. The other challenges were: sharing information, submitting application and planning any future projects. The exisiting software for online mapping was either expensive or difficult to use, and the important information was scattered among several applications.  

The collaboration with Spyrosoft 


For this project, we’ve used the following technologies: Angular7, Rx6, TypeScript, OpenLayers 4.6,, SASS, NodeJS, TypeScript, Express, RxJs,  Mongoose (MongoDB), PG (Postgres/Postgis),  Redis ChargeBee , OAuth and AWS SDK.

The Land App lets the users share online maps with all agriculture and property management third parties. Its functionalities are optimised for the needs of both estate agencies and individual users and they fit the legislative regulations in the UK.  

The Land App team needed technical support in maintaining web version of the application. The main purpose of the app was to allow the user to create an online map of an area of their choice, on their own, and by following a detailed manual.

Another important goal was achieving a product-market fit for the app. Once the collaboration with Spyrosoft has started, The Land App team has been able to focus improving their product management and design processes. This – in turn – allowed them to work faster and accomplish all milestones they planned for.  

Initially, there were 2 specialists from the Spyrosoft side helping to develop and maintain the app, but the team has grown as the scope of the project has become larger and The Land App itself has evolved a more mature product. The project uses state-of-the-art technologies and tools from the geospatial area. 

Thanks to the collaboration with our company, The Land App is now becoming the essential application for a growing number of farms and estate agencies. It is currently used by more than 2000 users. The platform is also now being used by various public institutions, including national land registries and parks. 

With the Land App achieving the product-market fit in 2019, the team is now ready for a surge of new users and adding new functionalities. 

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