Managing business processes is demanding, and for people who don’t have thorough knowledge of a specific operating system, it can be a time-consuming and expensive task. Many companies decide to use CRM solutions to facilitate and improve the work of their team. One such platform is Salesforce, which uses technologically advanced solutions focusing on understanding the customer, their needs and expectations. In this article prepared in cooperation with Daniel Stanczak – Project Manager at Spyrosoft Connect, we talk more about the maintenance activities and the benefits your company can gain if you decide to use our Salesforce managed services.

Defining Salesforce managed services

Managing a company is not an easy task. Making business decisions require a quick and efficient response in every area of its operation. Even though Salesforce is an innovative solution, getting the most out of its capabilities without expert support may be difficult and may negatively impact the achievement of business goals. Salesforce managed services may concern comprehensive company support or only selected aspects of system management.

This service is for companies that already use Salesforce and require help with its further development, optimisation and adaptation to their needs. Managed services mean developing features, adding new functionalities, working on developing better UX or UI solutions, analysing the collected data, integrating applications, and the code itself. It may be that users don’t fully exploit the potential of Salesforce. Sometimes, there are technical problems or issues related to security settings.

“As part of this service, the client receives comprehensive, multi-faceted support. We can examine whether a given solution is good, how many people use it, and, if necessary, conduct appropriate training and familiarise users with the system’s capabilities.”

– Daniel Stanczak, Project Manager at Spyrosoft Connect 

Salesforce managed services means, for example, creating an extended report on the changes made. The purpose of such changes may be to ensure that as many people as possible use the system. 

When to use Salesforce managed services

Given how time-consuming and difficult Salesforce implementation can be for beginners and people who have nothing to do with this system, it is worth considering entrusting this activity to certified experts. Both implementing and operating the system can be a challenge for companies starting out with Salesforce or those lacking the necessary resources in their in-house teams.

Outsourcing Salesforce managed services is the best option for companies that already use the system but require help optimising and updating it. Most often, professional support is needed when Salesforce introduces innovative solutions. Then, there may be some discrepancies in the customers’ system that require response and readjustment.

Another key reason why it is worth considering using managed services is cost-effectiveness.

Our company offers the option to purchase hourly packages for Salesforce managed services. The smallest package is 35 hours. Therefore, clients do not have to maintain employees and finance their training on Salesforce. They receive comprehensive support and full expertise from us. This approach allows our clients to reduce their business costs, while still having easy access to full-scale assistance both in Salesforce and other IT areas offered by Spyrosoft.” 

– Daniel Stanczak, Project Manager at Spyrosoft Connect 

Properly trained internal employees can become very good at using Salesforce. However, after some time, it may become necessary to have the support of additional experts. These situations occur most often when new updates to the system are released. Again, an hourly package can be very useful for the customer in this scenario, as it allows them to receive the necessary support for a specific system adjustment within the agreed time.

Spyrosoft’s collaboration process

As mentioned above, Spyrosoft offers these services in hourly packages, which means that not only one person is assigned to a specific project. This allows us to have greater flexibility and adapt to customer needs. To get the best results for each project, we deploy an expert with the best knowledge and experience for a specific issue. One person will be responsible for, e.g., customer experience, the other for removing failures in the system, and someone entirely different will provide advice on system architecture and rebuilding. However, each of them will be able to use their own unique knowledge and skillset.

As stated by our expert, establishing cooperation with Spyrosoft Connect is very simple:

“Initially, it is important to identify problems, propose the most accurate solutions and conduct comprehensive optimisation of services. It involves listening to the client, discussing the details of the actions the client expects and signing the contract. If we have cooperated with a specific client before, it is enough to supplement the existing contract with new orders and continue cooperation. Our company consists of many subsidiaries, so there is no problem with expanding and continuing the current collaboration with new aspects.

For instance, we are currently working with clients who have decided to implement Salesforce with us and then use our managed services. These are also some contractors to whom we have been recommended.”

The benefits of Salesforce managed services

In addition to the above-mentioned financial savings and access to the expert knowledge of our specialists, there are many other benefits.

Customers collaborating on Salesforce managed services with Spyrosoft can benefit from professional help in broadly understood IT. It means they do not have to seek support in solving other specific problems at different companies. This ensures that the process of cooperation, communication and searching for solutions run smoothly.

Another benefit of using services like this is having someone with a proactive business approach and a focus on solving your problems swiftly. For example, if our team notices areas in the system’s operation that are worth working on, they will inform you about it immediately. What’s more, our experts always strive to offer solutions that enable the further development of your company and the scaling of your business.

With managed services, you can also reduce the time it takes to find and fix errors, thereby minimising financial and business losses. When bugs occur, a properly prepared team fixes them as quickly as possible.

In addition, the flexible approach to software customisation afforded by this service and the use of innovative solutions also allows you to remain competitive in the market. Having a team focused on systematic Salesforce updates will help you ensure reliability and proper emphasis on end-user needs.

Integrating the Salesforce platform with other applications

Salesforce offers many API interfaces, so this system has robust integration options. It is possible to integrate Salesforce with other systems in the company. One option is, for example, introducing a configuration that allows employees to use e-mail boxes (Gmail, Slack, Microsoft Outlook, etc.) within the system.

Another type of integration that can be carried out is the use of software that facilitates communication with customers (Zoom, LinkedIn, etc.). It is also worth considering integrating your platform with tools that ease the automation of marketing processes, payments, generating documentation or preparing reports.

Our experts can implement such integrations comprehensively, allowing you to save a lot of time and relieve employees from many repetitive tasks that can be performed automatically.

Over to you

Business scalability often relies on the constant evolution of the Salesforce system. If you work with us, you will get all the support you need in this area and benefit from lowering the cost of maintaining the platform, as well as increasing its efficiency and performance. We can adapt the entire platform to the needs of your business so that you can easily achieve your goals, boost system security, get better conversion and increase income from your company.

Remember that you should treat the cost of Salesforce managed services as an investment in the development of your business. If you have more questions about this topic, or you want to utilise our knowledge and experience, check out our offer or contact us via the form below.

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