Spyrosoft Connect is a new addition to the Spyrosoft Group. It specialises in CRM technology and the Salesforce platform. The company is managed by Michał Gronowski, and the CTO position is held by Przemyslaw Ziemczyk. Both are seasoned specialists with extensive experience in CRM and Salesforce implementation for global brands from the USA and Europe.  

From this interview, you can learn more about their experience and background and get to know their vision for the company’s scope of operations and future growth.  

I know that there is an interesting story behind how you met Konrad and learnt about the possibility of cooperating with Spyrosoft. Could you share that story? 

Przemyslaw Ziemczyk: Of course. It happened when we had already been thinking about changing something in our professional lives and maybe starting something new – not necessarily our own business, but maybe a sort of cooperation. I came across a podcast, Strefa Inwestorów (Investors Zone), the episode in which Spyrosoft’s president, Konrad Weiske, talked about how the company’s development in the field of new competencies is largely based on the opening of new, more specialised companies. I immediately sent the podcast to Michał… 

Michał Gronowski: … and after listening to the episode, I decided that it was actually worth a try. It all took place about a year ago – we found Konrad on LinkedIn, contacted him, had a few meetings, and we managed to arrive at an agreement. At the beginning of May, we joined Spyrosoft. The Group offered us several options to start up – one of them was a business incubator. We planned to operate in the incubator for a year to give ourselves time to grow to a scale that would enable us to establish a company. However, in January it turned out that we had reached this stage of development, and we set up the company earlier than we initially planned. 

Your company, Spyrosoft Connect, has one specialisation: Salesforce. I know that this platform has already appeared in the activities of other Group companies. So what will it look like from now on – will your company focus 100% on this area of competence, or will Salesforce continue to appear in other areas of the Group’s operations? 

MG: Our task, as a new partner in the Group, is to concentrate all Salesforce-related tasks under our wings, in one place. We should mention, however, that this was not a ready-made, completely new idea that we came to Spyrosoft with, or one that the Spyrosoft management team had never heard of before. No, Spyrosoft was already planning a more unified form of Salesforce competency development, but the Group needed the right people with the right skills and extensive experience, who would be able to run it. So our paths just crossed at a perfect time. 

Could you tell me more about Salesforce? What will your business really consist of, are you going to focus on a specific industry, or will you be looking for clients from different industries? 

MG: Salesforce is the most popular CRM platform in the world – it covers about 30% of the global market. It is important to mention, that this 30% includes both small and medium-sized companies, i.e. the SMB sector, and large enterprises, so the platform can offer a lot to a very wide market.  

When it comes to industries, our main specialisation is retail – this is the field in which we have the most extensive experience and where most of our clients have come from, so we certainly want to continue our development in this field. It should be emphasised, however, that our competencies are much wider – we have worked with, amongst others, the automotive industry, the healthcare industry, and even the public sector, so we won’t limit ourselves to just one industry.  

In addition, what distinguishes us from other similar companies at the same stage of development is the fact that our team – which currently consists of 25 people – is extremely highly qualified. It consists mainly of people we have worked with before, whom we know and whose expertise we are familiar with. They are specialists who know the platform, they have been working on implementation projects for years and have carried out numerous large projects for well-known brands – because industry experience is also an important factor that distinguishes us significantly from other young companies. 

How do you divide competencies between the two of you? 

MG: This division is quite simple. I [Michał] deal with external matters: I am responsible for marketing, acquiring new clients, maintaining relations with clients, organising industry events, etc., and Przemek is focused on our internal, technical side. You could say he is like a CTO. 

Do you already have your first clients? 

MG: Yes, we already have 8 clients – we do not want to drop any names yet, but they include the largest retail, FMCG, and ecommerce brands in Poland. We also provide services to franchisees of one of the most important brands of this type – from searching and acquiring real estate to searching for potential franchisees, processing the opening of new sites, and even handling malfunction reports on the sites. 

Do you focus on any specific geographic areas? 

MG: No, we are not planning to select any specific markets to operate in, nor do we plan to limit ourselves to any specific markets. We currently have clients in the UK, USA, Italy, Poland… We are a new entity on the market, so our focus is primarily on obtaining references – the more references we get now, the easier it will be for us to operate and acquire more clients in the future. 

Introducing Spyrosoft Connect: an interview with Przemysław Ziemczyk and Michał Gronowski

Can you tell us more about your field of expertise – Salesforce? What is the demand and the growth potential in this field? 

MG: To begin with, it is worth noting that Salesforce uses a whole network of certified partners for the implementation of its platform. We are one of such certified implementation partners. In terms of growth potential, Salesforce divides the market into small companies with up to 100 employees, medium companies with 100 to 1,000 employees, and large companies with more than 1,000 employees.  

The market is also geographically divided. For example, Poland is in the Emerging Markets category, i.e. markets with a high growth trend, where it is assumed that the number of Salesforce implementations will double each year. Therefore, the market certainly maintains an upward trend, especially in the B2B segment, because B2B companies often use either outdated legacy systems or have not yet been digitised at all, so we see really great development potential here.  

It is also important that entrepreneurs operating in the B2B segment are increasingly resigning from tailor-made solutions, prepared from scratch for a specific company, which used to be popular a few years ago, and are leaning towards cloud and platform solutions that can be easily implemented and just as easily edited – and Salesforce is one of such solutions. 

Your company is part of the Spyrosoft Capital Group. Do you think that you can benefit from it, e.g., by using the knowledge and experience of other people from other companies or business units? 

MG: Yes, we already have situations like this, and we undoubtedly intend to continue to cooperate with other entities within the Group. Of course, we can take full advantage of the Group’s structure – this is another advantage we have over other companies on the market because many software houses specialising in Salesforce have quite limited competencies. Due to the fact that we are part of a larger whole, we may offer our clients not only our own services and expertise but also the expertise and experience of the entire Group. We will certainly use this to offer our clients an even wider range of comprehensive services at the highest level of quality.  

This is important for us, because we do not only plan to offer delivery services, but also broadly understood consulting services. Our offer includes, obviously, consulting on Salesforce, but also general strategic consulting on the CRM domain or, even more broadly, on operations in the retail industry. The fact that we are part of a larger organism with a very wide range of competencies, i.e., the entire Spyrosoft Capital Group, will be a very important factor in the development of our capabilities. 

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