Over 150,000 companies use Salesforce, but not all of them make the most of this extensive platform. This could be the case with your business, we always recommend you start with a Salesforce health check. This comprehensive audit will tell you everything you need to know about the effectiveness and safety of Salesforce in your business. Let’s have a look at the specifics.

Saying that Salesforce is just another CRM is a huge understatement. It’s a holistic online ecosystem that provides you with tons of features and applications that revolve around sales, customer service, marketing automation, e-commerce and analytics.

You can think of it as a fully-fledged powerhouse providing you with everything you need to grow sales and serve your customers in an effective and consistent manner. However, such a complex environment is vulnerable to neglect and glitches, which can make it less effective and secure.

If your company is unaware of the risks, you could end up using Salesforce for months without realizing potential threats. The sensitive data can be misread, causing unwanted errors. If you think your Salesforce could use a checkup, it’s probably true.

This is where the Salesforce health check could be beneficial. What is this process about? How does it work? Why is it beneficial to your company? Let’s have a look at the answers to those questions.

What is the Salesforce health check?

Here, we need to explain one thing. There is a service called Salesforce health check that is just a single-page dashboard showing you how closely the security settings in your organisation align with the settings recommended by Salesforce. Salesforce’s health check dashboard shows a score from 0 to 100, along with some recommendations. Here’s how it looks:

Salesforce Healthcheck Spyrosoft Connect


As you can see, Salesforce’s built-in health check report is almost 100% limited to security issues. But effective and safe use of this platform requires much more! That’s why when we conduct such an audit, we always take a look beyond security issues and analyse all the crucial aspects of this CRM. 

Throughout this article, when we talk about Salesforce health check, we refer to our internal process, which is far more complex compared to the audit feature embedded in Salesforce. Our health check can take up to several weeks, but believe us – the results will allow you to make the most of this system, fix all the potential issues, and maximise the potential this platform offers.

Why is it important to run a Salesforce health check? Benefits of Salesforce health check

When we run our own Salesforce health check audit, we want to identify all the potential problems and optimise Salesforce services in your business. It’s the only way to make this platform a vital support for your company’s operations.

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Salesforce architecture. Source.  

Salesforce comprises of various layers, including user interfaces, business logic for process automation and customisation, as well as data storage solutions. All those elements need to be investigated during the health check process. We always run a deep analysis of everything that’s going on with your platform, including its code, integrations and used apps.

This way, we get both a helicopter and an in-depth view of your platform and the way it’s used in your company. This allows us to create a thorough list of recommendations that will help you improve on the areas that work, strengthen the areas that need your attention and eliminate unnecessary elements.

There are at least seven benefits for your company after our health check:

  • Operational efficiency
    In the context of Salesforce, this refers to the streamlined and effective execution of business processes, ensuring that tasks are performed with maximum productivity and minimal waste. We identify all unnecessary elements that just slow you down.
  • Automation and optimisation of existing processes
    Here, we focus on automated workflows and fine-tuning of existing processes for optimal performance. Salesforce allows businesses to automate routine tasks, reducing manual effort and enhancing overall efficiency, and our goal is to make it work this way for your company.
  • Data security
    We check if there are sufficient measures to ensure the protection and confidentiality of data. Salesforce provides robust security measures to safeguard sensitive information, including encryption and access controls, but it all needs to be configured and implemented correctly.
  • Improved scalability
    We make sure you will be able to easily adjust and expand the applied solutions as your business grows.
  • Process improvement on the users’ side
    We verify all the processes and interactions on the users’ side. We want to make sure that all users know what they’re doing and that they have access to all the required solutions and features.
  • Optimisation of integrations with other systems
    We verify the efficiency of connections with external systems and recommend other solutions that are potentially better in your scenario (even though we like Salesforce a lot, we admit this tool is not always the best solution for your company).
  • Performance examination
    We assess your platform’s performance, including the number of users that are online simultaneously and user access levels. This part is especially important in large organisations hiring thousands of employees worldwide.

How does the Salesforce health check work?

In general, the Salesforce health check is a thorough analysis of the client’s Salesforce configuration and use. The goal is to identify areas that require improvement and adapt Salesforce to the individual needs of the given company. As mentioned before, sometimes this involves eliminating unnecessary elements and processes that slow your company down.

Moreover, analysing related security features and documents, e.g. privacy policy, enables us to help you avoid potential security and compliance threats. As a part of our audits, we always inform the client of types and levels of potential threats and what can be done to overcome them.

Not that long ago, during one of the Salesforce audit projects, it turned out that too many people had access to the Salesforce login data, thus exposing the company to some serious risks if someone had bad intentions. One of our experts spotted this threat and informed the client as well as provided them with the optimal solution to this issue. This way, we eliminated the risk of data being deleted from Salesforce, which would have been disastrous to our client.

If your company has multiple users, we can organise training that’s tailored to their needs and requirements of your company. This way, everyone on your team will know how to use Salesforce to do their job in the most efficient and safe way possible.

Once our audit is done, we create a final report with all the relevant findings and recommendations on what can be improved (and how). It’s every client’s call to implement those improvements on their own or with our help. We are an accredited Salesforce partner and have an experienced team of Salesforce specialists, so we can handle even large implementation and modification projects.

The answer is no. Of course, we have a list of elements and questions that need to be analysed and verified, but we always follow an individualised approach – every audit is different, and we have no copy-paste process. What’s more, at least one highly experienced Salesforce specialist (an architect or engineer) is required to oversee every health check. We understand how complex Salesforce can be, and we don’t want to miss anything relevant; that’s why our most experienced experts run audits.

Wrapping up: What does the Salesforce health check report reflect in Salesforce?

We strive for our Salesforce health check reports to serve as valuable tools for our clients, thus enabling them to:

  • Proactively identify and address potential issues and glitches
  • Optimise the way they use Salesforce
  • Ensure it continues to meet business objectives effectively

Our reports provide a comprehensive analysis of the current state of your Salesforce implementation, offering insights into various aspects of the system’s performance and configuration:

  • System configuration: The report assesses the overall setup and configuration of Salesforce, including customisations, workflows as well as security settings. It helps you identify adjustments to optimise the configuration for the highest possible efficiency and security.
  • Data quality: We evaluate the quality of data within the system, highlighting potential issues such as duplicates, incomplete records, or data inconsistencies.
  • Performance analysis: The report assesses your platform’s performance, identifying any areas of concern related to speed, responsiveness, or resource use. We also analyse custom code, automations and integrations that may impact your platform’s performance.
  • Security and compliance: Lastly, our reports review the security measures that are used to protect sensitive information and ensure that the implementation aligns with the Salesforce best practices and compliance standards. This comprises such elements as access controls, data encryption, and other security features.

All in all, you end up with a document showing the current state of your Salesforce and suggestions on what can be done to make it work at full capacity.

Would you like to know more? You can start with our Salesforce subpage – it will help you understand what we do for our clients. And if you feel like you could use our help, we’re at your service!

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