Salesforce implementation enables companies to use cloud computing technology to better connect with customers and partners and increase prospects. Salesforce Lightning is one of the capabilities the global CRM leader is making available to companies to support their growth. Find out how you can implement this solution in your organisation and why you should do it with Spyrosoft.  

Salesforce is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) platform that unifies the view of your customers for different departments in your company. This software has become the number one choice for customer management and helps companies track the activity of their customers and many other services. Organisations that have already implemented the latest solution – Salesforce Lightning – enjoy increased productivity, improved conversion rates, and improved customer relationship management. 

Salesforce Lightning is a comprehensive tool that will work for any business. However, depending on the specific industry and the products or services it provides, each company has its own individual needs. For a company to get the most out of Salesforce Lightning, the implementation should consider the challenges faced by the organisation. At Spyrosoft, we understand this and know how to help you.  

Why should you implement the Salesforce Lightning Experience? 

Every company needs to interact with its customers. To grow, it needs to do so effectively. These interactions specifically include marketing, sales, commerce, and customer service. To keep things simple, companies need intelligent software, just what Salesforce provides, and the new Salesforce Lightning solution (Salesforce Lightning) is designed to simplify further and streamline customer service and sales processes with cloud-based solutions.  

Although Lightning and Classic have standard common features like extensive sales data and Einstein forecasts, those familiar with Salesforce Classic know that it lacks many of Lightning’s features, such as a modern interface, activity timeline, and regular updates. While Salesforce Classic is still available, users are increasingly moving management to Salesforce Lightning to gather, analyze, and use business data more effectively.  


  • Lightning Experience means a much more efficient and intuitive user interface that streamlines and speeds up information retrieval. That allows users to spend more time on sales and solving customer problems. 
  • With a properly designed user interface structure, Lightning Platform enables teams to quickly build and launch new applications and services with just a few clicks. No code development is required. As a result, your company can flexibly and independently reorganise its processes to accommodate the evolution of ongoing operations. 
  • Implementing Lightning Experience can help your leaders and teams achieve business goals and improve company performance. 

Remember that you can gradually deploy Lightning Experience to include more user groups. This flexibility allows you to move some processes, leaving some temporarily in Salesforce Classic. It would help if you tailored implementation to your company’s needs and its resources.  

We have the resources to help you with Salesforce implementation 

Implementing a new tool for your business processes should consider many parameters specific to your company or the industry in which you operate. Significant is the type of customers (or contacts) you want to manage. After all, there is no doubt that the implemented solution will perform entirely different functions for a company in the industrial sector and another for the medical industry, with particular legal restrictions.  

The Spyrosoft team has many years of experience implementing Salesforce solutions. We have advanced tools and frameworks that allow us to execute quickly, efficiently, effectively, and flawlessly. We have worked with companies in many automotive, mining, and medical industries. As a result, we have industry knowledge that we use during implementation. We understand the needs of your industry, want to know the challenges of your business, and guide you step-by-step through the entire Salesforce Lightning Experience implementation process.  

Strategic consulting 

What sets us apart from other companies providing development services is our comprehensiveness. We are not limited to providing you with a team of developers to implement boxed solutions in your company. We are not just technologists and system integrators. We start with consulting and auditing, during which we want to learn about your needs and goals and advise you on the best solutions so that we can then implement them effectively. Always doing our job, we apply the experience we have gained working with large corporations to smaller companies, offering the same high quality. 

A holistic approach 

Integration of new software risks frustrating users and reducing their productivity. However, with Spyrosoft’s holistic approach to managing the transition, you can be sure that your users will experience the many benefits of the Salesforce Lightning Experience without feeling uncomfortable. So, contact us today and enjoy a range of business benefits with modern Salesforce solutions. 

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