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How we can help you to sell more

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Ecommerce Services

Are you looking for an eCommerce agency to help your business to grow?

Spyrosoft designs and develops tailor-made eCommerce solutions for companies at the forefront of their industries. Our approach is to overcome problems by clearly defining objectives and formulating the best approach to meet these goals. We work with numerous clients of all sizes offering outstanding end-to-end eCommerce services. We believe in working as if we are part of your team to deliver web experiences that increase sales and generate a healthy ROI.


Digital Platforms

We deliver outstanding customer experiences using best-in-class platforms, tailored to match your business requirements and budget. Built on the world’s most popular eCommerce content management systems - Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, Big Commerce, EpiServer Optimizely and Liferay, our team of experts have many years of experience in building eCommerce solutions and integrating them with existing business software and systems. Working as your partner, we will help your business to navigate the digital commerce landscape.


Driving Digital Performance

Spyrosoft is a software engineering company that employs over 600 IT professionals around the UK, Europe and the USA. This includes a full-service eCommerce agency function made up of experienced eCommerce professionals. Our team’s combined knowledge in eCommerce development, system integration, UX/UI design, search marketing and user journey optimisation delivers great customer experiences and tangible business results. Our applications are designed with precision and careful planning of layout, style and functionality to provide a seamless customer experience.


Website Migrations & Upgrades

The Spyrosoft team are here to help you improve your current platform. We have a proven track record of successfully migrating and supporting existing eCommerce builds. We combine cross-industry experience with cutting edge technologies to deliver market leading eCommerce websites.


IT Managed Services

As part of our Microsoft Gold partnership, we manage and maintain cloud infrastructure services hosted on the biggest cloud providers including Azure & AWS. Our managed website hosting solutions are designed and optimised to be highly scalable, with guaranteed high availability and optimised disaster recovery. We can also provide you with regular system backups, load testing and peak traffic management. Spyrosoft have been awarded Cyber Essentials+ certification and are ISO 27001, ISO 9001 and ISO 26262 certified.

How we do it

Discovery Phase

During the discovery phase, we meet with the client’s key stakeholders to collect and analyse information about the project, the intended market, competitors, audience and the business goals. We run inception workshops to define the value proposition, scope and objectives. During the workshops, we verify the existing architecture, interview stakeholders and validate business assumptions.


High-level requirements document and Statement of Work canvas.

Design the Requirements

In collaboration with the client, we complete the design analysis, define the product roadmap and prioritise the epics. The UX/UI team create and test wireframes and clickable low-fi designs for the main product functions and key user journeys. We test them with a target group of users measuring the business goals, optimise, refine and create the front-end designs.


Defined Epics, Product Roadmap and Front-End Designs

Develop & Optimise MVP

The developers start work on coding the Minimal Viable Product (MVP) with the aim of providing a working product as quickly as possible. The product will undergo various stages of improvement. It will include simple, minimal functional modification, which if needed will be improved during each subsequent iteration. Spyrosoft’s business model allows for Agile contracts (Capped time and material, Target costs, or Graduated Fixed price).


MVP Launched (Minimal Viable Product)

Launch & Support

Throughout the whole process, we implement a strict QA (Quality Assurance) programme with agreed governance levels and regular “show and tell” demonstrations, ensuring the customer is satisfied at each key milestone. This ensures a smooth and successful launch process, after which the project moves into support and maintenance.


Production and Technical Support


Andrew Radcliffe

Andrew is one of the UK’s most influential technology and innovation experts having previously helped to develop the IT leaders of the future at the Cranfield School of Management and advised the UK government on technology innovation in the heart of Whitehall. Spyrosoft has become one of the fastest growing technology businesses in Europe providing technology consulting and design services, the development of enterprise solutions and embedded software engineering. We are working at the cutting edge of software development. We recognise our clients' problems and effectively bring their ideas to life with cutting edge products and services. We do this for the automotive, financial services, industry 4.0, geospatial, employee experience and education sectors.