AFRISO: PIM implementation for multilingual B2B platform

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The AFRISO Group is an international manufacturer of safety and regulatory armatures, with nearly 150 years of business history. Originating from the German state of Thuringia, the company now boasts subsidiaries on five continents and in sixty countries. Such a wide reach ensures that the brand’s products are globally recognised.

Part of the group is AFRISO Sp. z o.o., located in Upper Silesia, Poland. The firm was developed by a group of qualified employees who are fully committed to the company’s growth. It specialises in providing solutions for measuring and regulating central heating systems. For over 20 years it has been providing its customers with products of the highest quality and consistently expanding its offer with new solutions, which has been repeatedly acknowledged by numerous awards such as: Gazele Biznesu, Diamenty Forbesa.


  • PIM Implementation


  • Ergonode
  • PHP
  • Symphony
  • AWS
  • MySQL

Challenges and business needs

Our client chose to implement a PIM system to centralise all product data in one place, which in turn enabled easier management of information and more efficient transfer to other applications or websites. The key challenges in the project were the multilingual nature of the PIM platform and the need to proactively monitor the validity of certificates.

Additionally, an essential issue for the client was enabling multiple users and departments of the company to work on products simultaneously and ensuring that the relevant product data and certificate details would be easily accessible in various systems within the company.

Our responsibilities

The steps we took in the project included:

  • A comprehensive analysis of the product process and mapping of the client’s needs.
  • Implementation and set up of PIM Ergonode and additional automation tools.
  • Performing a two-way integration with the ERP system.
  • Building a cloud-based solution and providing greater flexibility in operations.
  • Creating a reusable API for web services.

Analysis and mapping of needs

To meet the client’s expectations, we carried out a comprehensive implementation of the PIM system, starting with an in-depth analysis of the product processing. We mapped all the client’s needs that should be addressed in the system, focusing on analysing the structures of product families and providing the ability to verify per family the level of product card completion. This allows AFRISO to monitor the progress and duration of work on the product, as well as easily check their stage and attributes fulfilment level, which ultimately results in high-quality product data.

PIM Ergonode deployment

Implementing Ergonode’s PIM system at the client’s platform also allows for seamless verification of the validity of product certificates. We have implemented a tool that sends notifications to appropriate employees, reminding them of the upcoming certificate expiration date. This solution significantly improves and automates the work of operators and people responsible for ensuring the continued relevance of these documents, thus minimising the risk of outdated versions appearing on the sales platform.

AFRISO: Wdrożenie PIM dla wielojęzycznej platformy B2B_ Afriso PIM Ergonode mockup desktop
AFRISO: PIM implementation for multilingual B2B platform

Integration with the ERP system

The project also included carrying out a two-way integration with the ERP system. In the first stage of the work, we extracted product data from this system so that in the next stage, after the implementation of PIM and the completion of information in it, we could re-export specific data to ERP. Currently, the product path begins in PIM – which is where product cards are created and updated with descriptions, photos, certificates, and any other relevant information. As a result, PIM serves as a central point for product data management and helps ensure that information is consistent and up-to-date.

Flexibility of cloud solutions

Notably, the application that runs PIM is built on the AWS cloud solution, ensuring the high performance of the conducted integrations, and allowing for smooth synchronisation, normalisation, and transfer of product information.

Additionally, the proposed solution enabled the client to introduce a status system that allows multiple departments to work on the same product at the same time. Doing so ensured the ability to monitor who is making changes to the product at any given time, what is the status of the item, and whether it is ready for publication or export to other systems or the website.

Reusable API

During the PIM implementation, there was also a need to create a reusable API for web services, which would enable access to be easily granted to different users or contractors. The implementation of such a solution allows the data aggregated in PIM to be delivered to web services in the appropriate structure and language assigned to the selected page.

Implementing the PIM system was a key step towards effective product data management. Spyrosoft eCommerce provided us with professional IT support and helped us smoothly deploy the solution in the AFRISO organisation. Thanks to PIM, we can even more effectively manage product attributes and statuses in various languages, thereby facilitating the work of many people and enabling data distribution to multiple systems and websites. The solution offered by Spyrosoft has helped us achieve even better cooperation between our departments and increase AFRISO’s productivity.

Bogumil Bialoblocki

IT Director at AFRISO

PIM implementation impact

Due to good collaboration with the client and the effective introduction of new procedures within the organisation, the implementation of PIM went very smoothly.

The client’s employees were trained on using the new system, its functionalities, and ways to add product information and manage this data. The dissemination of this knowledge helped greatly simplify the work on products while maintaining the highest possible quality of information presented on the B2B platform.

The deployed tool made it easier to view product statuses and monitor their readiness for synchronisation and publication. The solution benefited not only employees, but also management and decision-makers by facilitating their analysis of product statistics and the performance of their operations. The comprehensive implementation of PIM Ergonode allowed our client to achieve increased efficiency and gave them a competitive edge in the B2B market.


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