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Our client is a world-renowned leader in providing quality water solutions for a range of environments, including residential, industrial, municipal, and commercial settings. Their diverse product lines encompass plumbing, flow control, HVAC, water quality, drainage, and more.


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Challenges and business needs

Driven by a fresh business strategy aimed at creating digital products that offer tangible value to their customers, our client embarked on the development of a mobile application in collaboration with a previous supplier. Unfortunately, the initial launch faced severe setbacks. A lack of expertise, a flawed project approach, and a disregard for UX/UI design and functional/non-functional quality resulted in abysmally low user scores of around 1.5 on both iOS and Android platforms. Rapid intervention was vital to rectify this situation and safeguard the company’s reputation.

Our service and responsibilities

We promptly assumed the task of taking over the development and maintenance of the existing application and backend. Our immediate priority was to identify the root causes of the issues and swiftly devise a strategy to launch an improved version of the application that would resonate positively with users. Our team, comprising skilled developers, quality assurance engineers, and designers, crafted a comprehensive plan of action, which included manual functional and non-functional testing, the establishment of a test automation framework, substantial UX/UI design enhancements, bug rectifications, and performance optimisations.


With a laser focus on enhancing user experience and ratings, we undertook the challenge of reviving our client’s mobile application. Through meticulous testing, strategic design improvements, and targeted bug fixes, our team effectively revitalised the app’s performance. The outcome was remarkable: on the iOS platform, the user rating surged to an impressive 4.5, based on a substantial 750 ratings. Although the Android platform’s user score reached 3.5, Google’s policy prevented a rating reset post-new version release. By swiftly addressing the initial shortcomings and delivering a vastly improved application, we not only restored our client’s reputation but also positioned them for sustained success in the digital arena.

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Piotr Beling

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