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Corab is a manufacturer of photovoltaic systems and a distributor of renewable energy solutions to both business and individual customers. With over 30 years of experience designing aluminium and steel structures and manufacturing products, Corab has an annual production capacity of over 4GW of solar energy. Besides photovoltaic panels, they specialise in producing solar inverters, microinverters, heat pumps, and batteries. The company exports its systems to 14 countries across the world.

Corab’s IoT system consists of:

  • a cloud-based IoT platform,
  • an internal web application for company use,
  • a mobile application for end users.


  • IT consulting
  • Enterprise architecture modernisation
  • IoT platform – consultancy and implementation
  • Support in building cloud infrastructure
  • Implementation of web applications for device management


  • AWS
  • Java
  • Python
  • Terraform
  • ReactJS
  • Next.JS
  • TypeScript

Business challenge

Corab recognised the necessity of modernising its current enterprise systems architecture, introducing new digital products to align with the company’s development, and managing emerging internal processes. They deemed digital transformation essential for optimising production management and enabling scalability in tandem with the company’s growth.

This challenge required in-depth knowledge of enterprise digitalisation processes, cloud solutions, and IoT platform building. Corab sought a consulting partner with expertise and experience in areas that would cover their technical needs.

Together, we identified three areas where our consultancy services would help to pave the way for changes and implementations. Those were:

  • enterprise architecture modernisation,
  • cloud-based IoT platform design,
  • design of a web application for device management.

Our role

IT consulting in modernising enterprise architecture

As Corab already had an existing IT infrastructure and internal processes, Spyrosoft was engaged to conduct an audit and determine which systems needed improvement. An enterprise architecture specialist helped select products, providers, and licensing models and prepared software development and maintenance procedures. At the end of the consulting stage, the client received a detailed report, including recommendations based, i.e., on the TOGAF framework. We also prepared guidelines for vendor selection, software development lifecycle, and digital product quality management procedures.

Assistance in designing system architecture and choosing a cloud provider

Our cloud solution architect collaborated with Corab’s R&D team to design a comprehensive solution for the IoT platform architecture. We offered consulting services to assist them in constructing the cloud architecture for the IoT system, prioritising high performance, seamless expansion with new connected device types, and low maintenance costs. We organised workshops to define the criteria for choosing a cloud provider, created a scoring system based on individual benchmarks, and selected a provider based on the score. This stage evolved into developing a dedicated solution with our proposed architecture as its foundation.

IoT application development consulting

We created an IoT backend and a web application for device management. The solution allows remote monitoring and control of green energy device installations such as photovoltaic inverters, energy storages, and heat pumps. We provided product design advice, created a solution on top of AWS and GCP cloud services, designed a web platform’s UX/UI, and handled software implementation, quality assurance, and release management.

The service’s impact and benefits

Thanks to our extensive domain knowledge, we were able to respond comprehensively to Corab’s needs. Our support has enabled them to prepare for significant changes that cover the entire IoT system and companion applications. The consulting phase turned into a development collaboration, with a clear work plan, architecture design and thoroughly selected technologies.


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