To become sustainable is not a ‘nice to have’. It is a must. Climate is changing, and we must protect our planet. In this article, I’ll explain how Salesforce Net Zero Cloud can help organisations collect, track and analyse environmental data to gain insights on how to decrease their carbon footprint.  

Sustainability goals 

Companies are forced to track and measure their environmental goals. The primary tool to do so is an Excel spreadsheet, but it is neither professional nor adequate. It is very time-consuming or sometimes impossible to make the whole computation using simple spreadsheets. There is no comprehensive and consolidated view of the targets versus actuals. Therefore, companies may struggle with measuring their carbon footprint.   

Salesforce approach 

Salesforce is a great company. They use the tools they sell to the clients. This is the case for Net Zero Cloud. Launched in December 2021, formerly known as Sustainability Cloud.  

Net Zero helps companies integrate, track, and analyse environmental data. Moreover, it gives several predefined reports and dashboards that can be used for audit purposes and executive engagement. It becomes a single source of truth regarding all the environmental data and carbon footprint. Companies can easily track their travel data, supply chain impact, etc., and make a plan to drive towards net-zero goals.  

Our approach 

The Salesforce team at Spyrosoft experiments with NetZero Cloud and creates many different assets. One of them is an application that encourages employees to save their carbon footprint by not using cars when travelling to an office. The app integrates Salesforce with Strava and shows savings in the dedicated Lighting Web Component.   

How can we help 

Net Zero Cloud was created on top of Salesforce CRM. It can be easily customised/configured according to the client’s need as not every company is the same, and not every company has the same journey to become sustainable.  

At Spyrosoft, we fully understand how it works. This is why we offer you discovery workshops to understand your plan and how Salesforce can help you with that. Do not hesitate to contact us to get more details. 

About the author

Michał Gronowski

Michal Gronowski

Head of Salesforce