Our Warsaw office is growing in strength! Currently, there are already 15 experienced specialists on board. Interesting clients with exciting projects contact us regularly, therefore we are constantly looking for new talents.

Vision for expansion of Spyrosoft team in Warsaw

Recently, a new site manager – Rafał Gruszczyński – has joined the Warsaw team. He will support the further development of the office and ensure that it is a stable and inspiring workplace, where everyone will be appreciated and will be able to hone their skills.

What is his vision and what is he planning to focus on? Rafał himself will tell you about it.

Rafał Gruszczyński Warsaw site quote

When I chose my studies there was no bigger emphasis on anything else than being consistent. You chose your field of study once and for all. When I think about my friends from that time, the careers of many of them diverted in a completely different direction from what they studied.

Today this pressure is gone. Now we appreciate the flexibility and value we bring, but also the value that can be obtained. After all, each of us is looking for something in life, that inspires or motivates us. It could be a role, a prestigious employer, a cool project, new technology, deepening your knowledge, broadening your horizons, or just having a safe haven.

Flexibility and ability to change in the IT sector

In IT, we are privileged to work in a group of very intelligent people. It’s characteristic of intelligent people that they get bored quickly, need changes, constant stimulation, satisfying their need for development.

Spyrosoft gives you this diversity, the ability to change, experience something new, the security of long-term commitment. Although it’s such a young company, it has already achieved a lot: a portfolio of interesting clients and projects, a scale that allows it to compete with companies that have existed on this market for a long time, recognition of such authorities as the Financial Times.

Growth strategy of the Warsaw office

On the wave of this fantastic development, my dream is to build a strong and recognizable centre in Warsaw, grow brand recognition among the IT elite, customers, competitors, and in particular, to give the employees a reason for being proud to be a part of Spyrosoft.

Building such a centre is a declaration for years. With such a perspective, nothing is built without a strategy or the underlying values. For me, people and their needs are at the centre of this strategy. People expect trust, transparency and consistency, which gives them a sense of stability, security and stimulates their development and creativity. I want to build teams and the entire location around such values.

Today it’s a vision. Tomorrow we’ll be mostly concentrated in teams creating new values, products and competencies. However, our work and cooperation will still be based on these values that are close to us.

spyrosoft warsaw

My dream is that each of us can proudly say that they work in a cool company, do interesting things, know that they’re growing and can help others grow. And also that they’re at Spyrosoft by choice, for long, and that they’d be happy to recommend working at Spyrosoft to their friends.

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