We’re very proud to announce that we are now ranked 5th place in the Financial Times Fastest Growing Companies in Europe list. It all feels like a dream! Please see the full list on their website for more information. 

This is huge news for us, and we want to celebrate it with our employees, clients and everyone who has been supporting us since we launched in 2016.

Our clients include companies from different sectors and with technology-varied projects such as Ordnance Survey – Great Britain’s national mapping agency, Rascal Systems, Small Robot Company, TrackMan, Cloudcall, Viessmann, and a leading automotive company. We’ve been honoured to be able to help them at various stage of their digital transformation process and we certainly would not be where we are now without our long-term partnerships and collaborations.

Spyrosoft in 2017

As we celebrate, we also want to tell the story of how we got here and what has motivated us for the past 5 years. Where we came from, our values, our skills and our future plans – we cover it all in our story below.

Let’s dive right in.

Our beliefs

The company was established in 2016 by a group of IT and business professionals, including Konrad Weiske, Andrew Radcliffe, Sebastian Łękawa and Wojciech Bodnaruś. When they started thinking about creating a company on their own, they each had around 20 years of experience working in companies in Poland and abroad. They already knew that they want to do it differently and to break the mould.

Having multiple levels in the structure prevents you from being efficient, even when you have great talent on board. With that in mind, I would like the company to be more egalitarian.

Konrad Weiske

Spyrosoft was launched with a unique business philosophy. Rather than yet another corporate entity with a complex structure and overcomplicated processes, this was a place that was created by the developers and – even more importantly – for developers. A place where employees feel appreciated and supported, with a genuinely flat organisational framework and just enough procedures to keep their work organised and progress swiftly. This approach has largely been supported by the comprehensive back-office divisions that make sure workflow within the company is as effortless as possible.

One of our core values is authenticity. We try hard to embody this value in everything we do. It’s something that we’re strongly committed to and it’s very much built from the ground up on all levels – from the way we communicate with our clients, how we share information within the company, what technologies and products we invest in, down to how we get our message across via our external channels, including social media. We didn’t want our values to be decided upon at the management level and then reinforced top-down.

This core value also means that we do not pretend that we’re a company we’re not. In all we do we want to come across as a company that’s transparent, honest and can be trusted by anyone collaborating with us.

How we work

This – of course – requires us to work in a slightly different way to other companies. We want, and must be, very close to our customers, and the way we operate is all about establishing a long-term relationship that we value much more than short-term financial gain.

Back in 2017 when we still worked from the same office

That’s also why, while we don’t have one main HQ, and a significant number of our employees work remotely, we do have offices in many parts of the world: Poland (Wroclaw, Krakow, Bialystok, Warsaw), UK (Ferndon), Croatia (Zagreb), US (Ann Harbor), Germany (Munich and Brunswick) and India (Vadodara). We also work hard to ensure that we have a personal connection with the people we collaborate with. Gaining trust on both sides is – of course – not something that happens overnight. You must slowly but gradually build it block by block, one day at a time.

Our history

As stated above, Spyrosoft was established in 2016. In space of 5 short years, we:

Hired 600 employees to work for us, with the very first employee, Maksymilian Bahr still working for us, 300th person recruited in December 2018 and 400th – in October 2019;
Acquired 150+ customers worldwide;
Opened offices in 4 locations in Poland: Krakow, Wroclaw, Warsaw and Bialystok
Set up a joint venture with GOD GmbH in 2017;
Established another subsidiary in Detroit and then one more in Zagreb in 2019; Munich in 2020
Launched Unravel in 2020
Debuted on the NewConnect stock market in Poland.

In addition to the development centres in Poland, Spyrosoft also has substantial branches in Croatia and the UK both of which build our competencies in different areas – with Zagreb being predominantly focused on embedded software and Research&Development, and Ferndown launching an ecommerce business unit.

As you can see, The Financial Times 1000 ranking is only one of our achievements so far. And that’s not all we’re striving for – more on that later in this article.

Trying times

The moment when we showed that our values are intrinsic to everything we do was at the very beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. Suddenly, we were faced with the looming economic crisis, changing operational conditions and safety regulations, as well a new way of working where not only our employees had to switch to working remotely, but the face-to-face meetings and in-person visits with our clients, that we valued so highly, had to be held entirely online as well.

Spyrosoft’s NewConnect debut on February 28th, 2020

It was no surprise that our employees were able to continue working with as much dedication and as skilfully as before, no matter where they were. With our focus on long-term relations, we also retained 98% of our clients, and the worst-case scenarios that we feared didn’t materialise.

Looking ahead

So, what are our plans for 2021 and the years to come? It’s simple: we still want to grow as a company, we have ambitious product and service launches up our sleeve, and we’re still hiring. So is the IT sector in Poland, and it’s still growing too!

But for now, we want to thank our employees, our customers and anyone who’s collaborated with and supported us throughout the years. We couldn’t be more grateful to have you by our side.

Key facts

Since 2016, Spyrosoft grew from a small company in one office, to a group of companies, and now when we say ‘Spyrosoft’, we mean the Spyrosoft Group that includes entities of different types, offering a full range of services.

The Spyrosoft Group is currently made up of:

  • Spyrosoft S.A. which specialises in enterprise software
  • Spyrosoft Solutions dedicated to our embedded software offering
  • Spyrosoft Ltd. lead in the UK by Andrew Radcliffe
  • Unravel with UX and product design specialists at the ready
  • Finin, with a focus on bookeeping and accounting services
  • GOD Nearshore SE which is a result of our partnership with GOD mbH

We strive to combine technical and business expertise in domains such as Automotive, Industry 4.0, Finances, Geospatial, Employee Experience and Education, as well as Healthcare and Life sciences. We value the hands-on approach and everyone at the managerial level has a technical background. Our Research&Development department is run by our CTOs, Marcin Zyga and Andrzej Akseńczuk, with Cloud and Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning being the most widely used technologies across our projects.

A final note

Ranking 5th place, among Europe’s 1000 leading companies is a huge accomplishment. 5 years ago, we could only dream about getting this recognition.

It’s a significant growth milestone for us on the way to the further development of our services. We’re looking forward to the new ambitious projects that wait ahead and can’t wait to see what the future holds.

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Matylda Chmielewska

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