We advise and help clients in various areas of cyber operations

Security Architecture Review

We support our clients with cybersecurity architecture assessment, where we identify gaps and propose improvements. Our custom approach combines best market practices with technical knowledge, resulting in hands-on experience in architecture design and development. 


  1. As-is state analysis, including highlights of current cybersecurity standards and mechanisms implemented in the organisation
  2. Identification of gaps in coverage for multiple layers of organisation’s cybersecurity
  3. Specifying a roadmap and proposed improvements 

Workstation and network security assessments

We will act like a hacker who obtained access to a chosen workstation in the organisation. We will check ongoing mechanisms in the workstation and network to limit actions like privilege escalation or lateral movement.


  1. Identification of current security posture on workstation and network
  2. Benchmarking against most widely used standards
  3. Gap analysis and improvement recommendation 


Cybersecurity Consultant as a Service

With our diverse background and experience, we assist our clients in various areas of cybersecurity. Our CaaS model of cooperation provides excellent flexibility and significant value because we work in a team-extension model. Spyrosoft’s professionals become part of the local team and stay under their management. 


  1. End-to-end support 
  2. Specific, determined phase of delivery support  
  3. Delivery of safety-related solution in popular and niche areas of cybersecurity

Key benefits of cybersecurity consulting


Help in various areas of cybersecurity 


Support for a reasonable period 

Complex know-how

Popular & niche areas, like IoT security

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Clear ROI

Based on a time and material 

Tomasz Wojciechowski
“It’s crucial to know which products or services are beneficial and can help ensure the proper security of the company.”

Tomasz Wojciechowski, Head of Cybersecurity

Support at every stage

We provided support for many customers from various parts of the globe, acting as Subject Matter Experts, Engineers, Analysts, and Consultants in many areas of cybersecurity. Our actions include, amongst others:

1. offensive security

2. defensive security

3. network security

4. cloud security

We always pay great attention to clients’ requirements, and we know that a one-size-fits-all approach does not belong in reliable cybersecurity. Every organization has its unique architecture, processes and rules that define the spectrum of services and support we deliver. All in favour of the best value and quality. 


Cybersecurity is not an option, it is a must have for every modern organisation

Tomasz Wojciechowski

I’m a cybersecurity enthusiast with over 15 years of professional experience. During this time, I provided many cyber services for various customers from all around the world. At Spyrosoft, I’m responsible for cyber services, team management, and client cooperation. I believe there is no ‘one size fits all’ in cybersecurity, as services must be customised and tailored to the sector, infrastructure and organisation’s profile. I focus on practical aspects of cybersecurity to offer reliable service that is understandable and provides a clear value to the client.

Tomasz Wojciechowski


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Tomasz Wojciechowski

Tomasz Wojciechowski


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