We will evaluate the security of your website, server, or application

Ensure your organisation is well protected against cyberthreats, that potential vulnerabilities are addressedandthat due diligence is performed on data security.


Cybersecurity tests are more crucial than ever

We can test the security posture of web applications, mobile applications, infrastructure, APIs, and fat clients. We use highly customisable processes depending on agreeable scope, goals, rules of engagement and exemptions.  Always in line with credited standards such as OWASP, enriched with current market-driven trends and recent exploits. 

We cover the complete process from initial discussions with clients through technical demo calls to penetration testing execution and comprehensive reporting.


Key benefits of Penetration Testing

Ensure your organisation is well protected against cyberthreats, potential vulnerabilities are addressed, and due diligence on data security is performed.


Improved security posture

Penetration Testing shows the organisation’s current security posture and allows potential breach points identification. It also helps to ensure that configuration management practices are correctly followed. 


Identification of vulnerabilities

Identification of security vulnerabilities and listing potential threats due to real hackers’ threat simulation exercises targeted at web applications, infrastructure, mobile apps, APIs and fat clients. 


Compliance with industry requirements

Industry or legal compliance requirements may dictate a certain level of Penetration Testing. Regular use of these tests shows due diligence on data security and helps to avoid challenges that can be associated with non-compliance. 


Expert guidance all the way


Our global client needed support in the end-to-end Penetration Testing process as the company struggled with a lack of qualified professionals in their internal team. We were asked to deliver multiple Penetration Test activities on web applications, mobile applications, fat clients and infrastructure. 


We worked hand in hand with the client in a Team Extension model, providing our knowledge and experience of penetration testing services.  

The process involved testing such items as: 

  • web and mobile applications 
  • APIs 
  • infrastructure 
  • fat clients

We covered the transformation at every stage: from initial discussions with client representatives and technical demo calls to Penetration Testing execution and comprehensive reporting. 



of organisations don’t test their software for security vulnerabilities

50k +

of external and internal weaknesses can be identified via vulnerability scans

$3.8 million

is the average cost of a data breach for small to medium businesses

Meet our expert

Jakub Karwowski
Lead Infrastructure & Cybersecurity Engineer

During my dual-digit professional experience course, I had the privilege to create, impact or execute strategy within almost all Offensive and Defensive Cybersecurity areas.

The takeaway and principle I’ve learned and follow to this day is that knowledge and experience do not define the quality of the work alone. Still, it is largely impacted by how well it suits applicability in reality.

Jakub Karwowski Spyrosoft


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Tomasz Wojciechowski

Tomasz Wojciechowski

Head of Cybersecurity

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